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Football Pool PDF Template

What Is a Football Pool?


A football pool, often known as a football squares pool or a football box pool, is a popular betting game frequently played during major football events, particularly the Super Bowl. The game allows participants to bet on potential outcomes of football matches without requiring deep knowledge about the teams or the sport. It is often played casually in offices, parties, and gatherings, turning the viewing of football games into a more interactive and engaging experience.


How a Football Pool Works


  1. Grid Creation: A 10x10 grid is created, resulting in 100 squares. This means there will be 10 rows and 10 columns, each representing a unique combination of numbers.

  2. Team Assignment: One football team is assigned to the rows and the other to the columns. For the Super Bowl, for instance, the NFC champion could be assigned to the rows and the AFC champion to the columns.

  3. Square Selection: Participants "buy" or choose squares (often randomly) and mark their initials or names in the selected squares. The cost for each square is predetermined.

  4. Number Assignment: Once all squares are selected, numbers 0-9 are randomly assigned to each row and column. This creates a unique number combination for each square.

  5. Determining Winners: Winners are determined based on the last digit of each team's score at the end of each quarter (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and sometimes the final score). For instance, if at the end of the first quarter, one team has 14 points and the other has 3 points, the square corresponding to "4" for the first team and "3" for the second team would be a winning square.

  6. Payouts: The pool's total money (the sum of all square purchases) is typically divided among the winners of each quarter. The division can be even for each quarter or weighted more heavily towards the game's final score.


Benefits of a Football Pool


  1. Inclusivity: It allows even those who are not football enthusiasts or experts to participate and have a stake in the game's outcome.

  2. Enhanced Engagement: With potential winnings at stake, every score or change can become more exciting for viewers.

  3. Social Interaction: It provides a talking point and a source of friendly competition among participants.


A football pool is a fun and engaging way to heighten the excitement of watching a football game, especially during major events like the Super Bowl. It brings together both avid football fans and casual viewers, offering everyone a chance to have a stake in the game's outcome.


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