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Insurance Quotation PDF Template

What is an Insurance Quotation?

An insurance quote template is a pre-structured document used by insurance agents or companies to provide potential customers with an estimate of how much a particular insurance coverage would cost them. The quote is based on information provided by the customer and the insurer's assessment criteria.


Using Our Insurance Quotation Template

The template streamlines the process of creating individualized quotes for each potential client, ensuring consistency and professionalism. It's worth noting that an insurance quote is not a binding agreement but rather an estimate or offer that can be accepted, negotiated, or declined by the potential insured.

1.    Header:

o   Insurance Company Name & Logo: Branding elements to identify the insurer.

o   Contact Details: Address, phone number, email, and other contact details of the insurance company or agent.

2.    Quote Recipient's Information:

o   Name, address, and other contact details of the person or entity seeking insurance.

3.    Coverage Details:

o   Type of Insurance: Such as auto, home, health, life, business, etc.

o   Coverage Terms: Details about what is covered, limits, deductibles, etc.

o   Coverage Period: Start and end dates for the proposed coverage.

4.    Pricing:

o   Total Premium: The total amount to be paid for the insurance.

o   Payment Terms: Whether it's a monthly, quarterly, or annual payment. It might also include details about discounts, if applicable.

o   Other Fees: Any additional fees or charges that might apply.

5.    Underwriting Information: Details about how the quote was calculated, which can include:

o   For auto insurance: vehicle details, driver's age, driving history, etc.

o   For home insurance: property value, location, construction type, etc.

o   For health or life insurance: age, health history, lifestyle habits, etc.

6.    Exclusions and Limitations: A section detailing any exceptions or restrictions on the policy.

7.    Terms and Conditions: Any other terms associated with the quote, such as the validity period for the quoted price.

8.    Footer:

o   Date: When the quote was issued.

o   Signature: An optional element, especially if the quote is sent in print. It adds a touch of authenticity.

o   Disclaimer: A brief statement that the quote is an estimate and not a binding contract, and prices are subject to change based on further evaluation or changing circumstances.

9.   Call to Action: Instructions for the recipient on the next steps, like how to accept the quote, get more details, or contact the agent/company.


The exact structure and components of an insurance quote template might vary based on the type of insurance, the company's preferences, and local regulations. If you're an insurance professional or company, it's crucial to ensure that your quote template is compliant with all relevant laws and industry standards.

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