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IRS Form 1099B PDF Template

What Is Form 1099-B?

Form 1099-B, titled "Proceeds from Broker and Barter Exchange Transactions," is a U.S. federal tax document provided by 

brokerages and barter exchanges. It reports a customer's financial gains and losses for a specific tax year. 

Recipients will typically get this form pre-filled from their brokers or barter exchange platforms. 

To determine their initial gains and losses, taxpayers should transfer the data from the 1099-B to Form 8949.


Who Can File Form 1099-B?

Brokers are mandated to provide Form 1099-B to the IRS and directly to any client who sold assets like stocks, options, or other 

securities during the tax year. This form acts as a record of the taxpayer's financial gains or losses.

A broker or barter exchange should file this form for each client:

  • Who sold assets such as stocks, commodities, options, and more for cash.

  • Who obtained cash, stock, or other assets from a corporation, which the broker believes a significant change

    in capital structure or control, reportable on Form 8806.

  • Who traded goods or services through a barter system.

For instance, if you sold stocks with proceeds totaling $10,000 last year, both the brokerage, via the 1099-B, and you will 

report this amount to the IRS, the latter as a taxable capital gain.

Purpose of Form 1099-B

Form 1099-B details include:

  • Description of each investment.

  • Acquisition date and cost.

  • Sale date and revenue.

  • Net gain or loss (excluding transaction commissions).

Taxpayers deduct capital losses from their gains, potentially decreasing the reported taxable income. While there's a cap on 

annual capital loss deductions, any excess can be forwarded to subsequent tax years.

Brokers or barter exchanges should dispatch 1099-B copies to clients by January 31st of the subsequent tax year.

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