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IRS Form 8865 PDF Template

What is a IRS Form 8865?

IRS Form 8865, "Return of U.S. Persons With Respect to Certain Foreign Partnerships," is used by U.S. persons to report their interests in foreign partnerships. This form is required to be attached to the filer’s tax return and provides the IRS with information about the foreign partnership’s income, expenses, and operations. It is mandatory for U.S. persons who own a significant interest in a foreign partnership or who have engaged in certain transactions with foreign partnerships. The form includes various schedules that detail the financial activities and ownership details of the partnership, ensuring compliance with U.S. tax laws and regulations regarding foreign partnerships.

*Note: Image shown is for reference purposes only and may differ from the actual templates.

How to Fill in Our IRS Form 8865 PDF Template

Follow these steps to fill in the IRS Form 8865 template:

  • Header Information:

    • Enter the tax year for which the information is being reported.

    • Provide the name and identification number of the person filing the return.

    • If the form is not being filed with a tax return, provide the filer’s address.

  • Part I - General Information:

    • Line A: Check the applicable category of filer (1, 2, 3, or 4).

    • Line B: Enter the filer’s tax year beginning and ending dates.

    • Line C: Report the filer’s share of liabilities: Nonrecourse, Qualified nonrecourse financing, and Other.

    • Line D: If the filer is part of a consolidated group but not the parent, enter the parent’s name, EIN, and address.

    • Line E: Check if any excepted specified foreign financial assets are reported on the form.

    • Line F: Provide information about certain other partners (Name, Address, Identification number, Category).

  • Part II - Information About the Foreign Partnership:

    • Line G1: Enter the name and address of the foreign partnership.

    • Line G2(a): Provide the EIN (if any) of the foreign partnership.

    • Line G2(b): Enter the reference ID number if applicable.

    • Line G3: Specify the country under whose laws the partnership is organized.

    • Line G4: Provide the date of organization.

    • Line G5: State the principal place of business.

    • Line G6: Enter the principal business activity code number.

    • Line G7: Describe the principal business activity.

    • Line G8a: State the functional currency.

    • Line G8b: Provide the exchange rate if applicable.

  • Part III - Information for the Foreign Partnership’s Tax Year:

    • Line H1: Enter the name, address, and identification number of any U.S. agent for the partnership.

    • Line H2: Check if the foreign partnership must file Forms 1042, 8804, or 1065.

    • Line H3: Provide the name and address of the foreign partnership’s agent in the country of organization.

    • Line H4: State the name and address of the person(s) with custody of the partnership’s books and records.

    • Line H5: Indicate if the partnership paid or accrued any interest or royalty for which the deduction is not allowed under section 267A.

    • Line H6: Specify if the partnership is a section 721(c) partnership.

    • Line H7: Indicate if any special allocations were made by the foreign partnership.

    • Line H8: Enter the number of Forms 8858 attached to this return.

    • Line H9: Classify the partnership under the law of the organizing country.

    • Line H10a: Indicate if the filer has an interest in the foreign partnership that is a separate unit or part of a combined separate unit.

    • Line H10b: Specify if the separate unit or combined separate unit has a dual consolidated loss.

    • Line H11: State if the partnership meets the total receipts and total assets requirements to skip Schedules L, M-1, and M-2.

  • Part IV - Additional Information:

    • Line 12a: Indicate if the filer is claiming a foreign-derived intangible income (FDII) deduction with respect to any transaction with the foreign partnership.

    • Line 12b-d: Enter the amounts of gross receipts derived from sales of general property, intangible property, and services to the foreign partnership.

    • Line 13: Enter the number of foreign partners subject to section 864(c)(8).

    • Line 14: Indicate if any transfers between the partnership and its partners were subject to the disclosure requirements of Regulations section 1.707-8.

  • Signature:

    • The form must be signed and dated by the general partner or limited liability company member if filing separately from the tax return.

    • Include the preparer’s information if applicable.

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