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Letter of Recommendation PDF Template

What is a Letter Of Recommendation?

A letter of recommendation is a formal document written by an individual who can attest to someone's character, skills, and qualifications. Typically requested by employers, academic institutions, or other organizations, this letter supports an individual's application by highlighting their strengths, experiences, and accomplishments. It provides a personal endorsement and offers insights into the candidate's suitability for a specific role or opportunity.


How to Fill in Our Letter Of Recommendation PDF Template

Follow these steps to fill in the Letter Of Recommendation template:

  • Heading:

    • Start with "LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION" at the top to clearly indicate the purpose of the document.

  • Salutation:

    • Use "To whom it may concern," if the recipient's name is unknown. If known, address the letter directly to the recipient.

  • Introduction:

    • Fill in your name and job title.

    • Include the company name where you are employed.

    • State the individual's name for whom you are writing the recommendation.

    • Mention the duration of your professional relationship with the individual.

    • Specify the individual's position and the time frame they held the position.

  • Body:

    • Skills and Competencies:

      • Detail the specific skills the individual has demonstrated. Examples include:

        • Leadership

        • Communication

        • Problem-solving

      • Provide concrete examples of instances where these skills were effectively demonstrated.

    • Knowledge and Expertise:

      • Highlight the individual's knowledge in specific subjects relevant to their field.

      • Discuss their expertise and how it benefited your company or team.

      • Provide examples to support these points.

  • Conclusion:

    • Confidently recommend the individual for the specific job title and company.

    • Reiterate your belief in their potential value to the prospective employer.

  • Contact Information:

    • Offer to provide further information if needed.

    • Include your phone number and email address for easy contact.

  • Closing:

    • End with a formal sign-off, such as "Sincerely."

    • Include your signature (for hard copy letters) or typed name.

    • Add your job title and company name below your name.

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