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Letter of Recommendation PDF Template

What is a Letter of Recommendation?

A Letter of Recommendation (often referred to as a "recommendation letter" or simply a "recommendation") is a document in which the writer (typically someone who knows the applicant well) assesses the qualifications, capabilities, qualities, and characteristics of the person being recommended in terms of that individual's ability to perform a particular task or function. These letters often play a crucial role in decision-making processes, especially in academic, professional, or other opportunities.


Key Features of a Letter of Recommendation


  1. Context and Relationship: The letter usually begins by explaining the writer's relationship with the person being recommended and the duration for which they've known them. This sets the context for the reader.

  2. Qualifications and Abilities: The letter will detail the individual's skills, accomplishments, character, and any other noteworthy attributes. The writer provides specific examples or anecdotes to substantiate their claims.

  3. Comparison with Peers: Especially in academic settings, the recommender might compare the candidate to peers, giving the institution a relative sense of the individual's abilities.

  4. Purpose: Recommendation letters are tailored based on their purpose. For instance, a letter for a job might focus on professional skills, while one for college admission might delve deeper into personal characteristics, extracurricular activities, and academic prowess.

  5. Endorsement: The core purpose of the letter is to provide an endorsement for the individual, vouching for their abilities, character, and suitability for the opportunity they are seeking.

  6. Conclusion and Contact Information: The letter usually concludes with a strong recommendation for the candidate and provides the recommender's contact information in case further discussion or clarification is needed.


The Purpose of a Letter of Recommendation

  • Academic Admissions: For undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral programs.

  • Job Applications: Especially for positions that require a certain level of trust or specialized skills.

  • Professional or Academic Fellowships or Programs.

  • Scholarships or Grants.

  • Housing: Some landlords require potential tenants to provide recommendation letters.

  • Membership in Organizations or Clubs.


Given the weight they carry, it's essential for recommendation letters to be well-crafted, genuine, and free from bias. The most effective ones are those written by individuals who have had significant, meaningful interactions with the person they are recommending.


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