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Medical History

Medical History is a record of information about a person’s health. In clinical medicine, the patient's past and present which may contain relevant information bearing on their health past, present, and future. The medical history is an important tool in the management of the patient, since it is an account of all medical events and problems a person has experienced.


It is divided into personal medical history and family personal medical history. Personal medical history may include information about allergies, illnesses, surgeries, immunizations, and results of physical exams and tests. It may also include information about medicines taken and health habits, such as diet and exercise. Family medical history is also called health history, may show a pattern of certain diseases in a family. It includes current and past illnesses about a person’s close family members (parents, grandparents, children, brothers, and sisters). Medical History is very important for doctors and patients, so you may need a free Medical History Template. We provide a fully functional medical history template for downloading, you can download it, print it and fill it. Hope that will be convinient for you.

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