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Meeting Minutes PDF Template

What Are Meeting Minutes?

Meeting minutes are the written or recorded documentation that is used to inform attendees and non-attendees about what was discussed or what happened during a meeting. They serve as an official and permanent record of the meeting's proceedings and decisions. Check out our Progress Report for more helpful business templates.


Key Sections of Meeting Minutes

  1. Date and Time of the Meeting: The exact date and time the meeting started and ended.

  2. Attendees: A list of all the participants present and those who were absent.

  3. Agenda Items: A brief description of each topic that was scheduled for discussion.

  4. Discussion: A summary of the main points, arguments, or discussions made for each agenda item.

  5. Decisions Made: Outcomes, decisions, or actions that were agreed upon during the meeting.

  6. Action Items: Tasks or follow-ups that were assigned to specific individuals, including deadlines if any.

  7. Motions: Formal proposals put forward for debate or decision. This includes who made the motion, who seconded it, and the result of the vote (if a vote was taken).

  8. Announcements: Any relevant announcements or information shared.

  9. Adjournment: The time the meeting was adjourned.

  10. Approval: Minutes are usually reviewed and approved at the subsequent meeting to ensure accuracy. Once approved, they are considered an official record.

  11. Signature: The minutes might be signed by the chair or the person responsible for taking the minutes, usually the secretary, to verify their accuracy.

It's important that minutes are clear, concise, and accurate because they serve as a reference for those who attended the meeting and as an information source for those who couldn't attend. They can also be used in legal contexts to demonstrate what was discussed or decided during a meeting.

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