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Nurse Resignation Letter PDF Template

What Is a Nurse Resignation Letter Used For?


A nurse resignation letter is a formal written notice submitted by a nurse to their employer indicating their intention to leave their current position. It serves as an official record for both the nurse and the employer, helping to ensure a smooth transition and maintain professionalism.


Key Purposes of a Nurse Resignation Letter


  1. Professional Courtesy: Submitting a resignation letter is a standard professional practice. It conveys respect for the employer and allows for adequate planning and adjustment.

  2. Clear Communication: The letter provides clear communication about the nurse's intention to resign, the reasons for resigning (if disclosed), and the proposed last working day.

  3. Smooth Transition: By giving notice, the nurse allows the healthcare facility time to find a replacement or make necessary scheduling adjustments. This helps prevent disruptions in patient care.

  4. Record Keeping: The resignation letter serves as a documented record for the employer's human resources department. It can be kept in the employee's file for future reference.

  5. Maintaining Relationships: A well-crafted resignation letter can help maintain a positive relationship between the nurse and the employer, which is beneficial for future references or potential re-employment.


Essential Components of a Nurse Resignation Letter


  1. Header: The nurse's name, address, contact details, date, followed by the employer's name, the healthcare facility's name, and address.

  2. Salutation: A formal greeting, such as "Dear [Supervisor's Name]."

  3. Statement of Resignation: A clear statement indicating the intention to resign from the nursing position.

  4. Last Working Day: Specify the intended last day of work, keeping in mind any notice period requirements (e.g., two weeks' notice).

  5. Reason for Resignation: While optional, the nurse can choose to briefly explain the reason for their resignation.

  6. Expression of Gratitude: A thank-you to the employer or team for the experiences and opportunities provided during the employment period.

  7. Offer of Assistance: An offer to help with the transition, whether through training a replacement or providing written procedures.

  8. Closing: A short closing statement, followed by the nurse's signature.

  9. Contact Information: Reiterate contact information for any follow-up discussions.


A nurse resignation letter is a fundamental aspect of leaving a nursing position with professionalism and grace. While the decision to resign might stem from various reasons, the letter serves as a tool to communicate the decision clearly, maintain positive relationships, and uphold professional standards in the healthcare industry.


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