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Parent Teacher Conference Request

What is Parent Teacher Conference Request?

A parent teacher conference is a short meeting between you and your child’s teacher to talk about your child’s academic performance and experience at school. The parent teacher conference request informs parents to attend this parent teacher conference.


In the parent teacher conference request, parent or guardian should fill out teacher’s name of different subject, and teacher should arrange and fill out the time of meeting to ensure that every child won’t be left. Moreover, student should accomplish the parent’s basic personal information, like the phone number and e-mail address.

Why is important?

For parents, the parent teacher conference help you understand what your child is experiencing and learning at school, and what you can do to support them. For teachers, the parent teacher conference enable you to know more about your students. A clear request parent teacher conference form is necessary for an efficient meeting since we can know the time and the teacher with who we will talk. Download the free templet to inform a clear meeting request!

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