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Positive COVID-19 Test Results Letter PDF Template

What Is a Positive COVID-19 Results Letter?


A positive COVID-19 results letter is an official document or notification provided by a testing center, medical facility, or health department that confirms an individual has tested positive for the COVID-19 virus. This letter serves as a record of the test result and often includes guidance on the subsequent steps the individual should take.


Key Components of a Positive COVID-19 Results Letter


  1. Header: The letter typically starts with the official logo or name of the medical facility, testing center, or health department issuing the result.

  2. Patient Details: Information about the person tested, including name, date of birth, and other identifying details.

  3. Test Information: Details about the COVID-19 test, such as the type of test (e.g., PCR, rapid antigen), the date the test was taken, and the date the result was issued.

  4. Test Result: A clear statement indicating a positive test result for COVID-19.

  5. Guidance on Next Steps: This section provides recommendations on what to do next, such as isolating from others, monitoring symptoms, seeking medical attention if symptoms worsen, and notifying close contacts.

  6. Duration of Isolation: Information on how long the individual should self-isolate, which is based on prevailing guidelines at the time of the test.

  7. Additional Resources: Links or references to local health department guidelines, information on COVID-19, or contact details for further inquiries.

  8. Footer: This might include the name, signature, and title of the authorized personnel who verified or issued the result, along with contact information for the issuing facility.


Purpose of a Positive COVID-19 Results Letter


  1. Notification: The primary purpose of the letter is to inform the individual of their positive test result.

  2. Public Health: It acts as a tool for public health efforts, prompting individuals to take actions that reduce the risk of spreading the virus to others.

  3. Proof of Result: In situations where one might need to prove their test result, such as to employers, educational institutions, or other entities, the letter serves as official documentation.

  4. Guidance: The letter ensures that individuals are equipped with accurate information and guidelines on how to navigate their situation after receiving a positive result.

  5. Contact Tracing: The notification process associated with positive results helps in contact tracing, which is crucial in identifying and notifying individuals who may have been exposed.


A positive COVID-19 results letter plays a crucial role in managing the spread of the virus. It ensures that individuals are informed, aware, and guided to take appropriate measures, thereby aiding the larger public health effort.


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