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Purchase Order Request Form

What's the Purchase Order Request?

A purchase order request is a commercially used document that is used to list products or services being purchased and the price they are being purchased at. An order is issued by the Buyer when large purchases are made. The purchase order is a legal offer from the seller to the buyer.


What are included in a Purchase Order Request?

A simple Purchase Order should include the following basic elements: ·Buyer: name, address, and contact info of party giving money for goods ·Seller: name, address, and contact info of party receiving money for goods ·Order Number: a unique ID number to track each business transaction ·Item Description: details, quantity of goods, cost per unit, and total price of goods ·Shipping Preference: how the goods will be shipped ·Billing Address: location of where the invoice should be sent so the Buyer can pay ·Signature: signature of Buyer offering to buy and signature of Seller accepting ·Order Date: when the business transaction occurred

When to use the Purchase Order Request?

This document is commonly used in business and commercial transactions for more sophisticated transactions. If you are buying a large number of products or many types of products, you should use it to formally document what is being purchased for your business. Official records help bookkeepers and accountants keep track of inventory, orders placed, and items received. You should use purchase order request if one of the following situations apply: ·order a large number of items for business purposes ·manage purchases of large inventory ·track multiple payments to different vendors ·buy several items from a supplier or other company ·match shipments with purchases for auditing or bookkeeping purposes ·accounts payable department wants to specify the precise terms of goods provided Using this purchase order request templet can clearly record the order transactions of both parties in written form, which is conducive to protecting the rights and interests of both parties of the transaction, such as whether the goods are received and whether payment is received. Download this purchase order request form to make your business clear and secure.

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