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Relieving Letter PDF Template

What Is a Relieving Letter PDF Template?

A Relieving Letter is an official document issued by an employer to an employee who is leaving their job. It confirms the employee's resignation and the terms under which they are leaving the company. This letter is an essential part of the exit process and is often required by the employee's future employers as proof of their work history and clean separation.

Issuing a relieving letter is a standard practice in the corporate world and is important for both the employer and the employee. It helps ensure a smooth transition, maintains a positive image of the company, and assists the departing employee in their future career endeavors.


Key Components Of a Relieving Letter PDF Template

  • Proof of Employment: A relieving letter serves as formal proof of the employee's work history with the company, which can be beneficial for future job applications.

  • Clear Separation: It confirms the employee's exit from the company and clarifies the last working day and any outstanding issues such as property return.

  • Professionalism: Providing a relieving letter demonstrates professionalism and respect for the departing employee, contributing to a positive employer-employee relationship

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