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Retirement Letter PDF Template

What is a Retirement Letter?

A retirement letter is a formal communication written by an employee to inform their employer of their intention to retire from their current position or role in the organization. It serves both as a professional courtesy and a formal document that states the intended retirement date, facilitating a smoother transition for both the employee and the employer.


Key Components of a Retirement Letter

  1. Recipient's Information: The name, title, and address of the immediate supervisor or appropriate HR personnel.

  2. Date: The date the letter is written.

  3. Subject Line: A clear indication of the letter's purpose, e.g., "Notice of Retirement."

  4. Introduction: A brief introductory paragraph indicating your intention to retire.

  5. Date of Retirement: Clearly specify the intended retirement date.

  6. Express Gratitude: A section where you can show appreciation for the opportunities, experiences, and relationships you've gained during your tenure with the organization.

  7. Offer of Assistance: An offer to assist in the transition, which could include training a successor or helping in the handover process.

  8. Contact Details: Mention your post-retirement contact information in case the company needs to get in touch with you regarding any formalities or information.

  9. Closing: A brief closing statement, followed by a salutation like "Sincerely" or "Best regards."

  10. Your Signature and Printed Name: If sending a hard copy, include a handwritten signature above your printed name. If sending electronically, you can include a scanned signature or just your typed name.

  11. Attachments or Enclosures: If there are any related documents attached, like specific forms or detailed transition plans, it's good to mention them.

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