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Sample Genogram

What is a Genogram?

A genogram is structurally similar to a family tree, but serves a very different purpose. A genogram includes information about relationships and interactions between family members, while a family tree only depicts lineage.

A genogram becomes most valuable when it includes information about several generations. Patterns that are usually hard to decipher seem to jump out once they've been mapped on paper. Maybe you've already noticed a trend of marital trouble in a family's history, but a genogram can highlight the pattern of aloofness and anger that's at the root of those marital problems.

What is a genogram used for?

Genograms are useful assessment tools that foster clients’ understanding of historical family patterns that might impact current behaviors, relationships, and functioning. From a social work perspective, individuals are embedded within many different systems that impact their lives, and the genogram emphasizes this system's theoretical perspective with a focus on the family. The family is perhaps the most important and universal system with which clients interact. Family systems influence an individual’s behavior, attitude, belief system, and cultural identity from one’s earliest days, and they play an important role in shaping one’s roles and relationships in society.


How to make a genogram?

If you’re looking for a genogram maker, you can resort to PDF Reader Pro. Download the sample genogram template that is listed above, you can easily make the best family genogram you need with PDF Reader Pro, please follow the steps below to start editing:

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Genogram General FAQs:

Q1: What is the difference between a genogram and a family tree?

A genogram is similar to a family tree, but it serves an entirely different purpose. A genogram has information about relationships and interactions amongst family members, and a family tree shows only the lineage of it. Genograms are useful because they help uncover family dynamics for the past few decades.

Q2: What should a genogram include?

A genogram should include the following:

- Basic data found in a family tree

- Name

- Gender

- Date of birth and death

- Any disorders that run in the family like depression, anxiety, etc.

- Living situations

All these make designing the genogram easier.

Q3: What are genograms used for?

Genograms are often used in family therapy to help recognize destructive patterns of certain behaviors. They are used in genetic research to identify traits that are passed from one generation to another. A medical genogram helps determine patterns of disease or illness within a family.

Sample genogram templates let you cover many levels of your family tree, providing you ample space for entering the name of each family member. Feel free to add supplementary details to the family tree art templates and embrace the best way to maintain the cleanest genealogy document for your family.

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