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Sample Recommendation Letter Letter PDF Template

What is a Sample Recommendation Letter?

A sample recommendation letter is a template or example of a formal letter written to endorse an individual's application for a program, position, or opportunity. It typically highlights the applicant's qualifications, skills, achievements, and character traits, providing a comprehensive evaluation from the recommender's perspective. Sample recommendation letters serve as a guide for those writing their own letters, offering structure and content suggestions to effectively communicate the applicant's strengths and suitability for the desired role or program.


How to Fill in Our Sample Recommendation Letter PDF Template

Follow these steps to fill in the Sample Recommendation Letter template:

  • Header Information:

    • Use the university letterhead if available.

    • Fill in the sender’s name.

    • Include the sender’s departmental address, if not printed on the letterhead.

    • Provide the sender’s departmental phone number, if available.

    • Include the sender’s departmental fax number, if not printed on the letterhead.

    • Add the sender’s institutional email address.

    • Include today’s date.

  • Recipient Information:

    • Enter the recipient’s name.

    • Provide the recipient’s institutional address.

  • Salutation:

    • Address the letter to the recipient’s name or use "To Whom it May Concern" if the specific name is unknown.

  • Introduction:

    • Express pleasure in recommending Jane Doe for admission to [name of program] at [name of university].

    • State your position as a fifth-year Ph.D. student at the University of California, Berkeley.

    • Mention how you came to know Jane, including your role as her Graduate Student Instructor for Philosophy 111: Ethical Relativism, taught by Professor John Smith.

    • Provide a brief description of the course.

  • Academic Performance:

    • Highlight Jane's distinction through her exceptionally well-researched and interesting project on ethical       practices in ancient Greece.

    • Rank her in the top 2% of students you have taught in the past five years in terms of writing ability and research skills.

    • Discuss her ability to understand and analyze ethical practices of another culture and their contemporary implications, with a specific example of her work on infanticide.

    • Note her outstanding grades in the course.

  • Communication Skills:

    • Praise her excellent communication skills, both written and oral.

    • Describe her proficiency in discussion sections, analyzing ethical dilemmas, and articulating her views clearly and persuasively.

    • Mention her teamwork skills in group assignments.

  • Personal Qualities:

    • Commend her as a well-disciplined, industrious student with a pleasant personality.

    • Highlight her perseverance, initiative, and extra effort in research and attending office hours.

    • Note her motivation to learn and her ability to assimilate and develop ideas about ethical topics.

  • Conclusion:

    • Strongly recommend Jane Doe for graduate study in Ethics.

    • Emphasize her perseverance, initiative, and intellectual creativity as key qualities for completing an advanced graduate degree.

    • Express confidence in her potential as an asset to the program based on her performance in your class.

  • Closing:

    • Offer further assistance or additional information if needed.

    • Sign the letter.

    • Print your name and title.

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