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Scholarship Application Letter PDF Template

What is a Scholarship Application Letter?

A scholarship application letter, sometimes referred to as a scholarship cover letter or scholarship request letter, is a formal written document that a student sends to an educational institution or organization to express their interest in and request for a scholarship. The primary purpose of this letter is to highlight the applicant's qualifications, achievements, and reasons why they deserve the scholarship.


A scholarship application letter can be a crucial element of the application process. While academic achievements and test scores play a significant role, this letter allows students to provide context, demonstrate their passion, commitment, and clarify their goals.

Components of a Scholarship Application Letter

  1. Heading: Your name, address, contact number, email, and the date. If you're sending it as a physical letter, include the name, title, and address of the scholarship committee or recipient.

  2. Salutation: Address the person or committee responsible for awarding the scholarship. If you know the name, use it (e.g., "Dear Dr. Smith"). Otherwise, "Dear Scholarship Committee" is acceptable.

  3. Introduction: Briefly introduce yourself and specify the scholarship you are applying for.

  4. Educational Background: Mention your current educational status, major, notable accomplishments, and why you chose that field.

  5. Achievements and Extracurricular Activities: Highlight relevant awards, recognitions, volunteer work, and extracurricular activities that demonstrate your skills and commitment.

  6. Personal Story or Anecdote (Optional): Sometimes sharing a personal story that demonstrates your dedication, challenges you've overcome, or why you're pursuing a specific field can make your application stand out.

  7. Reason for Applying: Clearly explain why you need the scholarship. This could be due to financial constraints, a desire to attend a specific institution, or to pursue a particular course that aligns with your future goals.

  8. Future Plans: Briefly discuss your long-term goals and how the scholarship will aid in achieving them.

  9. Gratitude: Express appreciation for considering your application.

  10. Closing and Signature: Conclude with a professional closing like "Sincerely" or "Thank you for your consideration," followed by your name. If sending a physical letter, leave space for your handwritten signature above your typed name.

  11. Attachments (if necessary): Mention any relevant attachments, such as academic transcripts, recommendation letters, or a resume.

Tips for Filling Out a Scholarship Letter

  • Be Genuine: It's essential to be sincere and genuine in your approach. Avoid exaggerated claims or stories.

  • Follow Guidelines: Some scholarships may have specific instructions for the letter, like word count or topics to address. Always follow these guidelines.

  • Proofread: Errors can make a bad impression. Ensure your letter is grammatically correct and free from spelling mistakes.

Remember, while the scholarship application letter is about showcasing your achievements and needs, it's equally essential to convey passion, determination, and a genuine desire to further your education.

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