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Short-Term Rental Agreement PDF Template

What Is a Short-Term Rental Agreement?

A Short-Term Rental Agreement is a legal contract between a property owner and a tenant outlining the terms and conditions for renting a property for a brief period, typically less than a year. 

Having a detailed short-term rental agreement is essential for both landlords and tenants. For landlords, it offers a layer of protection for their property and ensures that rules are clearly communicated. For tenants, it provides a clear understanding of what they can expect from their stay and what obligations they have. In this way, it safeguards the interests of both parties.


Key Components Of A Short-Term Rental Agreement

  • Legal Protection: This agreement protects both parties in the event of a dispute or unexpected occurrence.

  • Clarity: The contract clearly defines what is expected from both the landlord and the tenant, minimizing potential conflicts.

  • Compliance: Such an agreement can also ensure that the landlord and tenant are in compliance with local regulations related to short-term rentals.

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