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Simple Resignation Letter PDF Template

What Constitutes a Simple Resignation Letter?

A simple resignation letter is a straightforward document that formally communicates an employee's intention to leave their current job position. Unlike more detailed resignation letters, a simple resignation letter gets straight to the point without offering extensive explanations or feedback.


Key Components of a Simple Resignation Letter

  1. Heading: Your name, address, contact number, and email address. Followed by the date, and then the employer's name, company name, and address.

  2. Salutation: A greeting, typically addressing your direct supervisor or manager. For example, "Dear [Manager's Name],"

  3. Statement of Resignation: Clearly express your intent to resign. This can be as straightforward as: "I am writing to formally resign from my position at [Company Name], effective [last working day, typically two weeks from the date of the letter]."

  4. Thank You Note: A brief acknowledgment of the time you've spent at the company. For instance: "I appreciate the opportunities I have been given during my time at [Company Name]."

  5. Offer to Assist with the Transition: Even in a simple letter, it's courteous to offer help during the transition period. You can say something like: "I am willing to assist in the transition to ensure a smooth handover of my responsibilities."

  6. Closing: A short sign-off, such as "Sincerely" or "Best regards," followed by your handwritten (if printed) or typed signature, and your full name typed beneath.

  7. Optional Contact Information: Some people choose to leave a personal email address or phone number so they can be reached after their departure, but this isn't mandatory.

When writing a simple resignation letter, it's essential to remain professional, courteous, and positive. Avoid negative remarks about the company, colleagues, or supervisors, as this letter will likely become part of your permanent employment record.

Remember, even if you're choosing to write a straightforward resignation letter, it's still important to have a face-to-face discussion with your manager about your decision to resign, ideally before submitting your letter.

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