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Simple Resume PDF Template

What is a Simple Resume?

A simple resume, as the name suggests, is a streamlined and unembellished document that presents an individual's qualifications, work experience, and relevant skills in a straightforward manner. Unlike elaborate or design-heavy resumes, a simple resume typically prioritizes clarity and ease of reading over visual appeal. You can also use our more detailed resume if you prefer to add more sections. 


Typical Sections in a Simple Resume

  1. Contact Information: Name, phone number, email address, and sometimes a physical address or personal website/linkedin profile.

  2. Objective (optional): A brief statement about career goals and what the applicant seeks in a job. This section is less common on modern resumes, but some individuals still use it.

  3. Work Experience: Listed in reverse chronological order, with the most recent job first. Each entry usually includes the job title, company name, location, employment dates, and a brief summary of responsibilities and accomplishments.

  4. Education: Academic credentials listed in reverse chronological order. This section includes institutions attended, degrees earned, majors/minors, graduation dates, and possibly GPA if it's relevant and strong.

  5. Skills: A list of relevant skills, which might be divided into categories like "Technical Skills," "Languages," or "Certifications."

  6. Additional Sections (if relevant): These might include sections like "Awards," "Certifications," "Publications," or "Professional Memberships."

While a simple resume is suitable for many situations, especially for traditional industries or roles, it's essential to consider the expectations of the specific industry or company to which one is applying. Some fields, especially in creative sectors or tech-forward companies, might expect or appreciate more modern and design-centric resumes.

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