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Student Recommendation Letter PDF Template

What is a Student Recommendation Letter?

A student recommendation letter is a formal document written by a teacher, advisor, or mentor to endorse a student's application to a college, university, or academic program. This letter provides insight into the student's academic achievements, personal qualities, and overall character, offering a comprehensive evaluation that supports their candidacy. It highlights specific examples of the student's strengths, intellectual capabilities, and contributions, aiming to convince the admissions committee of the student's suitability for their desired program.


How to Fill in Our Student Recommendation Letter PDF Template

Follow these steps to fill in the Student Recommendation Letter template:

  • Letter of Recommendation for Student

    • Header Information:

      • Fill in the student's address, city, state, zip code, phone number, and email address.

      • Include today’s date.

  • Recipient Information:

    • Add the name of the addressee.

    • Include the addressee's title.

    • Enter the name of the university.

    • Provide the university's street address, city, state, and zip code.

  • Salutation:

    • Address the letter to the Dean of Admissions, Admissions Officer, or Admissions Committee.

  • Introduction:

    • State your pleasure in recommending [Name of Student] for admission to [Name of University/Department].

    • Mention how long you have known the student and your relationship to them (teaching, coaching, advising) at [Your School].

  • Academic Strengths:

    • Describe the student's extraordinary intellectual strengths you have observed firsthand.

    • Provide an example of relevant academic work that was particularly impressive.

    • Detail the academic work showcasing the student's intellectual strengths.

  • Personal Strengths:

    • Highlight the student's personal strengths and traits.

    • Describe a scenario, challenge, or situation where the student demonstrated these traits.

  • Conclusion:

    • Strongly recommend the student for the specific university program.

    • Express confidence that the student will be an excellent addition to the university's community.

    • Offer your availability for any further questions regarding the student's character or academic work.

  • Closing:

    • Sign the letter.

    • Print your name.

    • Include your position and the name of your school.

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