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Teacher Education Resume PDF Template

What is a Teacher Education Resume?

A Teacher Education Resume is a comprehensive document detailing an individual's educational background, employment history, volunteer/community service experience, honors/awards, leadership, collaboration, and work with children/adolescents. It serves as a professional summary for educators seeking employment opportunities, graduate school admissions, or other educational pursuits


How to Fill in Our Teacher Education Resume PDF Template

Follow these steps to fill in the Teacher Education Resume template:

  • Personal Information:

    • Name: Full name.

    • Current Address: Residential address.

    • Appropriate Email Address: Use University of Louisville email if applicable.

    • Reliable Phone Number: Active contact number.

  • Educational Background:

    • Master’s Degree (delete if not applicable):

      • Institution, city, and state.

      • Graduation month/year or anticipated.

    • Bachelor’s Degree:

      • Institution, city, and state.

      • Graduation month/year or anticipated.

    • High School Diploma:

      • School name, city, and state.

      • Graduation month/year.

  • Employment History:

    • Start with most recent/current position.

    • Position Title Month/Year Began – Month/Year Ended:

      • Company/Organization; City, State.

      • Accomplishments/Responsibilities.

  • Volunteer/Community Service:

    • Start with most recent/current position.

    • Organization Name Month/Year Began – Month/Year Ended:

      • Description/Responsibilities.

  • Honors/Awards:

    • Honor/Award Name.

    • Affiliation/Organization/Institution.

    • Month/year received.

  • Leadership, Collaboration, and Work with Children/Adolescents:

    • High School Experiences: Highlight leadership roles, collaboration opportunities, and P-12 work.

    • College Experiences: Include field hours completed for Teacher Education courses, with associated P-12 school names.

    • Post-College Experiences (delete if not applying for MAT admission): Describe leadership roles, collaboration, and P-12 work.

  • Additional Skills & Experiences (optional):

    • Two to three bullet points.

    • Include knowledge-based/technical skills, transferable skills, or organization/management skills.

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