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Trailer Bill of Sale PDF Template

What is a Trailer Bill of Sale Document?


A Trailer Bill of Sale document is a legal agreement that records the sale and transfer of a trailer from a seller to a buyer. This document acts as proof of the transaction and serves as a receipt for the involved parties. It can be used for various types of trailers, including utility trailers, boat trailers, camping trailers, and more.


Key Components of a Typical Trailer Bill of Sale

  1. Description of the Trailer: Detailed information about the trailer, such as make, model, year, color, dimensions, and any other distinguishing features or identification numbers.

  2. Purchase Price: The agreed-upon amount for which the trailer is being sold.

  3. Seller's Information: Name, address, and possibly other contact details of the seller.

  4. Buyer's Information: Name, address, and possibly other contact details of the buyer.

  5. Date of Sale: The date on which the transaction took place.

  6. Payment Method: Details about how the payment was made, such as cash, check, money order, etc.

  7. As-Is Statement: Many trailer bills of sale include a statement that the trailer is being sold "as-is," which means the seller isn't providing any warranties regarding the trailer's condition.

  8. Signatures: Both the buyer and the seller should sign and date the document to validate the agreement.

  9. Notarization: Depending on local or state requirements, the bill of sale might need to be notarized to add another layer of authenticity.


Depending on the jurisdiction, a Trailer Bill of Sale might be required for various purposes:

  • Registration: If trailers are required to be registered in the particular state or locality, the bill of sale often forms a crucial part of the registration process.

  • Taxes: The bill of sale can be used to determine any sales tax due on the purchase.

  • Proof of Ownership: It acts as evidence that the buyer is now the legitimate owner of the trailer.

  • Legal Protection: In case of disputes about the sale or terms of the agreement, the bill of sale can provide legal protection to both the buyer and seller.


When selling or purchasing a trailer, especially if it's of significant value, it's important to ensure that a comprehensive bill of sale is completed to protect both parties. If individuals are unsure about the specifics, they might consider consulting with legal counsel or using a template specific to their jurisdiction.

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