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4 Reasons to Add Watermarks to PDF Documents?

Watermarks can protect your PDF files from being stolen, and show the status of the documents (e.g., Draft, Sample). To learn more about watermarks, click on this article!
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In daily work and study, the popularization of PDF has brought great convenience for people, but at the same time, a lot of problems have occurred. It is easy to copy and spread the PDF documents, which makes the copyrights difficult to protect. It is also hard to distinguish information in the mass of files, for example, have you ever opened a folder with so many PDF documents used the same name? Even you cannot tell which one is the final modified version. Using watermarks can solve these problems for you now.


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1. What Is a Watermark

2. The Importance of Watermarks

3. How to Use Watermarks in PDFs

What Is a Watermark

A watermark is a text or image that you can place under or in front of the content in a PDF file, which is used to identify ownership, indicate confidentiality or show status of the documents, etc. You can set the position, opacity, ratio, and angle of the watermarks. Watermarks are usually semi-transparent images to allow the messages you're trying to send to be seen clearly.

The Importance of Watermarks

•  Document security. In the age of the Internet, when your creation spreads at unimaginable speeds and is copied by millions of people, there is nothing like adding a distinctive stamp to a document to remind readers of its ownership, which prevents your work from being exploited for other commercial purposes.

•  Document management. When you make multiple changes to the same document, it can be difficult to tell which version is the one you need at the moment. However, if you add a draft watermark to your first version in advance, you’ll find what you need to deal with quickly.

• Information giving. You can add whatever information you want when you send the document to others. It’ll make sure they understand your purpose and take care of the files. For instance, the document is top secret or confidential.

• Brand promotion. It may inspire the unique creativity to your work, or add more visual effects to save it as a design document, allowing readers to deepen their impression of the brand as they browse.


How to Use Watermarks in PDFs

While it may seem to be a complex task to use watermarks, applying  watermarks to your document is pretty straightforward with PDF Reader Pro. You can customize a watermark with texts and images, which may keep your documents safe and professional.


Add Watermark

• Launch PDF Reader Pro and hit Editor on the toolbar -> Watermark -> Add Watermark to set Text or Image watermarks. You can change  font size, color, position, opacity, ratio, and angle of the watermarks.




• Or tap Quick Tools on the home page -> Watermark -> Open a PDF file -> Set the parameters you need and click Apply.


Remove Watermark

• Select Watermark -> Tap Remove Watermark -> Choose the document you want to remove the watermark from, and click Remove.


Manage Watermark Templates

If the character of your work dictates that you frequently have to make a large number of PDF documents with the same watermarks, PDF Reader Pro will greatly facilitate you. There's no need to redo it every time, just use the template function.

• Click Watermark -> Manage Watermark Templates  -> Add Template,  you can add Text or Image templates.


• Or hit Watermark -> Add Watermark -> tick Add to Template to save your templates.

• Enter Manage Template, and select the template you need and hit Apply.

Know More about Watermarks

When you have multiple documents that need to be watermarked simultaneously, you do not need to process them one by one. PDF Reader Pro helps you to add watermarks in batches.

• Click Watermark -> Add Watermark -> Batch -> Add Files -> Select the documents you need to add the same watermarks and tap Apply.

PDF Reader Pro is a great time saver. You can easily finish all kinds of watermarking work with it. Explore the best PDF reader and editor with millions of users!

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