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AI-powered PDF Reader Pro - the Best PDF Software

Are you looking for the most efficient way to work with PDFs? Get PDF Reader Pro, the best AI-powered PDF editor for all platforms.
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Have you ever found yourself struggling to organize, edit, and summarize PDF documents? The daunting task typically requires manual effort, technical knowledge, and keen attention to detail. However, with the introduction of PDF Reader Pro AI, this arduous process has been transformed into a seamless and perfect experience.


These artificial intelligence tools possess extraordinary capabilities, not only deciphering the most challenging notes but also effortlessly handling and improving digital documents, ensuring the smooth arrangement of text.


In the following exploration, we will delve deep into the world of artificial intelligence PDF editors, revealing their features, advantages, and the revolutionary impact they can have on your document management efforts.



PDF Reader Pro AI Features

Consider this as your small artificial intelligence assistant! From providing concise summaries to article polishing and assisting with translations, our new AI feature will simplify the way you use PDFs. In the initial BETA version, we will focus on four key actions: 



AI Summarize

Utilizing natural language processing and fundamental algorithms, generate concise and accurate summaries of the most important information in documents, enabling swift navigation of lengthy and complex PDF files. Our AI-based summarization tool swiftly and succinctly generates text summaries within seconds. It effectively processes any form of lengthy text, such as articles and paragraphs.



AI Rewrite

Enhance your existing copy with our AI-powered Rewriter—crucial for making your text more engaging. Effortlessly transform your text to boost readability and search engine optimization performance.


AI Proofread

Writing is a demanding task that involves continuous editing and revising to excel. For writers of various genres and fields, proofreading is a valuable resource—a must-have. Proofreading tools free you from the endless nuances of writing skills and rules, allowing you to focus on crafting clear and excellent documents.



AI Translate

Our AI translator uses artificial intelligence to automatically translate PDF documents from one language to another. This AI-powered solution is designed to provide accurate translations of text in PDFs.



How AI Features can help you

AI in Business: using artificial intelligence summaries can help you analyze documents more quickly. You can also use it to rapidly retrieve essential information from reports and contracts, making it easier to prepare for important meetings.

AI in Education: students can use AI Translate to translate the more difficult words or sentences in the text to help them better understand the meaning of the article; Teachers can use AI Proofread to check their students' homework, improve their work efficiency and get off work on time.

AI in Writing: If you are a text writer, you can use AI Rewrite to revise and embellish your text to make it more readable; if you are an article proofreader, you can use AI proofread to proofread your documents to reduce your workload and improve your work completion.

AI in Legal: You can utilize AI Summarize to pinpoint specific clauses or reference points within lengthy legal documents without the necessity for complete perusal.

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Common FAQs

Q: Which versions support the AI feature?

A: PDF Reader Pro 3.3.0 and above can support AI function, you can download it from our official website or from the App Store.

Q: How are the AI Features of PDF Reader Pro charged?

A: $14.99 a month and includes 50 AI Credits. If you still need to use it after one month, you can go to the official website or APP Store to buy it by yourself.

Q: What are AI Credits?

A: AI Credits are the equivalent of an electronic currency that helps you use AI features. You can click here to learn how AI Credits are calculated.



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Join us and help shape the future of AI Tools in PDF Reader Pro with your thoughts and feedback! To use the AI features, you need to install the latest version of PDF Reader Pro on Mac and purchase our AI Tools

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