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Measure PDF: Introducing PDF Reader Pro Windows V3.4.0

We introduce the new version of PDF Reader Pro optimized places, especially the measuring tool of PDF. Take a closer look and know the details here.
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For various reasons, measuring lines and shapes within PDF documents can be greatly beneficial. A common example is floor plans, which require relatively precise PDF measurements to be useful. Such measurements are invaluable for architects, engineers, contractors, technicians, interior designers, urban planners, surveyors, and more. Based on this, we are extremely delighted to tell you that the latest version of  PDF Reader Pro Windows V3.4.0 has been officially released and can be helpful in your daily use. 



PDF Reader Pro Windows V3.4.0


Measuring Tools: measure distance, perimeter, area

and angle accurately, making it an ideal solution for

the construction industry to annotate dimensional data

on PDFs.


Search and Replace Text: search for specified text

and replace it with other ones that you want.


Batch Print, White Out PDF, Virtual Printer,

Convert PDF to JSON...

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To learn more about the status of the update rollout, known issues, and new information, let's go on!


· Major Enhancement: Measure PDF

· How It Works

· Other New Features

· Common FAQs

· About PDF Reader Pro


Major Enhancement: Measure PDF

PDF measurement involves the process of evaluating the linear length between two points, around a perimeter, or within an area. Similar to using a physical ruler to measure the distance between two points on a physical sheet of paper, PDF measurement tools enable digital measurement. They automatically calculate the area and perimeter for you. With this capability, you can add appropriate scales to shapes, charts, and floor plans within PDF documents. An alternative to digital measurement is a laborious process involving printing, measuring, scanning, and converting documents.


The measuring tool of PDF Reader Pro allows users to measure distance, perimeter, area, and angle accurately, making it an ideal solution for various industries to annotate dimensional data on PDFs.

How It Works

PDF Reader Pro makes it easy to measure distances and areas of objects in PDF documents with our measuring tools. With these tools, you can quickly and accurately measure the dimensions of any object in your PDF document. Let’s take a look.

Measure distances and areas in PDFs

To measure an object, click Editor and choose Measure, then choose the measurement tool you wish to use:

1) Select Line to measure an object’s length, height, or distance between two points;

2) Select Multilines to measure the distance spanning multiple points;

3) Select Polygon to measure the perimeter and area of closed shapes;

4) Select Rectangle to quickly identify a complete rectangular area, and automatically calculates the perimeter and area.

Note: Click Esc to exit continuous marking mode.


Other options that set your measurements

1) Set Actual Size and Precision

- Click the measurement area;

- The region information will be displayed in the lower right corner, click Settings;

- You can set the Actual Size and Precision here.

2) Set Measurement Appearance

- Click on the selected area and the Properties panel will be displayed on the right side of the screen;

- Click the triangle icon on the right side or tap F4 to show the Annotation Properties Panel;

- You can set the Fill Color, Border Color, Opacity, Line Width, Line Style, and Font here.

3) Delete the Measurement Result 

If you wish to delete the measurement result in the PDF file, right-click on the measurement and select Delete. You can also Cut, Copy, and Note the measurement result on this pop-up window page.


Other New Features

In addition to measurement tools, the new version has updated features including search for and replace text, batch printing, white-out for PDFs, PDF to JSON conversion, and a virtual printer. We will primarily introduce these functions to you.


1. Search and Replace Text

Text replacement allows you to search for specified text and replace it with other ones that you want. Windows V3.4.0 allows you to search for and replace text in a PDF document.

     1) Search Text

       You can enter the text you want to search for directly into the search box in the upper right-hand corner.

     2) Replace Text

       - Click the search icon in the upper right corner;

       - Click Replace and enter the text you want to replace;

       - Select Replace to go through the replacements one by one or Replace All to update the entire text at once.

         Match Whole Word: It will search in the whole text.

         Case Sensitive: It will differentiate the case of the input text. For example, when entering PDF, will only search for PDF, not pdf.



2. White Out PDF

Is there a passage in your PDF you don’t want anyone to see? Windows V3.4.0 allows you to permanently white out text in PDF. Just like the white-out liquid you use in the office, you can white out on PDF to remove unwanted text and ensure nobody can ever see it again.

1) Click Redact on the toolbar and choose White Out PDF;



2) Draw a rectangle over the text or directly choose the text you want to remove;

3) Right-click the redactions and choose Apply Redactions. Or hit Apply in the upper left corner;



4) Click OK in the pop-up window and select a folder to save the file.


3. Batch Print

As the frequency of PDF usage in work and life is increasing, you may sometimes want to find the best way to save these PDF files. Printing multiple PDF files at once is convenient and helps maintain file organization, while also saving time and energy. Windows V3.4.0 has added this function.

1) Tap Print at the top left corner, or hold Ctrl + P;

2) Click Batch and tap Add Files;



3) After adding your files, click Apply.


You can select specific page ranges for printing by directly left-clicking on the document and accessing Page Range.


4. Virtual Printer

Before you can create PDF files with PDF Reader Pro Printer, you may need to go into the Printer Properties to set various options. To view the settings for PDF Reader Pro Printer, you will need to open the dialogue box in one of three ways:

1) Inside PDF Reader Pro: In the Print pop-up window, under the Name drop-down;



2) In Windows: Find Printers and Scanners in Settings, and go to the Printers list, set PDF Reader Pro Printer as Printer Preferences;

3) Device Manager: find the printer queue, and select PDF Reader Pro Printer.


5. Convert PDF to JSON

In this version update, we have optimized the conversion function, allowing PDF files to be converted into JSON format.

1) Tap Converter on the toolbar -> PDF to Others;

2) Select To Json.



Common FAQs

Q: Why measurement is important?

A: The primary significance of measurement is to maintain accuracy, standardization, and repeatability, assuring reliable benchmarks and results. Without measurement, design drawings can fall out of spec, provide inaccurate measurements, and threaten the quality and safety of the finished product.

Q: How do I find the latest version of PDF Reader Pro?

A: If you already have PDF Reader Pro Windows, you can upgrade within the software. Follow the steps below:

  1. Select Help on the top panel;
  2. Click Check for Updates;
  3. A new window will show the features of the latest version if a new version is available. Click Install New Version;
  4. Install the new upgrade.

If it is your first time to use, you can download the latest version of PDF Reader Pro Windows. If you still have any questions or feedback? Feel free to contact us at [email protected]. 


About PDF Reader Pro

PDF Reader Pro for Windows is an all-in-one PDF editor, including view, edit, annotate, convert, digital sign, and manage PDF files effortlessly to boost productivity and make the most of your PDF documents. It is available for Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows 7.


During the use, we hope that you can contact us in time if there is a problem, and we will review your message and make improvements to our software. I believe that PDF Reader Pro will not disappoint you and look forward to your use and download!

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