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Download a Classic: Anne of Green Gables Free PDF

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Download a Classic: Anne of Green Gables Free PDF

Anne of Green Gables book cover

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  • Book Title: Anne of Green Gables
  • Author: Lucy Maud Montgomery
  • Year Published: 13 June, 1908
  • Goodreads Rating: 4.31/5
  • Availability: Free version available.


Project Gutenberg provided this free digital copy of Anne of Green Gables with full Creative Commons licensing.

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Our Review of 
Anne of Green Gables

We thoroughly enjoyed Anne of Green Gables, finding it to be a charming and heartwarming tale. Through the adventures of Anne Shirley, we were transported to the picturesque landscapes of Prince Edward Island and immersed in her vibrant imagination. Montgomery's vivid descriptions painted a vivid picture of Anne's world, making it feel like we were right there alongside her.


Anne's infectious optimism and unwavering spirit captivated us from the very beginning, and we found ourselves rooting for her through every triumph and setback. The novel's exploration of friendship, love, and the pursuit of dreams resonated deeply with us, reminding us of the timeless struggles and joys of youth.


Montgomery's prose is both eloquent and poignant, evoking a sense of nostalgia for simpler times while also touching on universal themes that remain relevant today. Overall, Anne of Green Gables is a timeless classic that continues to enchant readers of all ages with its enduring charm and timeless wisdom.

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