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How to Export Figma to PDF

As a designer, one crucial skill is the ability to export Figma designs to PDF, a standard format for sharing and presenting an array of files.
How to Export Figma to PDF

In the dynamic realm of digital design, Figma stands out as a versatile and collaborative tool. It allows designers to create intricate visuals and work seamlessly within teams. 


This step-by-step process of exporting to PDF from within Figma, which it designs, provides valuable tips and tricks to optimize the entire process.

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How to Export Figma to PDF

Exporting Figma designs to PDF involves understanding the diverse export options, using plugins, and overcoming common challenges. By following this comprehensive guide, designers can enhance their workflow, collaborate efficiently, and present their design assets in the best possible format.

First, check out our interactive demo below!


Step 1: Access Export Settings in Figma

Click on the Figma icon in the top right corner. Click on "File" and "Export as...".

Figma website workspace showing
Image Source: Figma


Step 2: Explore the "Export as..." dialog box

Under "File type", select PDF. Click on "Export".

Figma website showing

Image Source: Figma

You can also check our resume resource on How to Export Jupyter Notebook to PDF.

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Best Practice for Exporting Figma to PDF

Let's explore a few options for ensuring your Figma file has converted properly, and how to make the most out of it. 

1. Confirming Accurate Conversion

First, you will need to assess whether your Figma file converted properly. Let's start by opening it in PDF Reader Pro.

Step 1: Run PDF Reader Pro

Click on "Open Files" and select your new Figma file (converted to PDF format)

PDF Reader Pro tool with

Step 2: Orient yourself with the Zoom tool

Given the size of your Figma file, you might want to use the zoom feature to fit the entire file into view.

  1. Press and hold the "Ctrl" key, then use your mouse's scroll button to zoom in and out.
  2. Alternatively, you can use the zoom toolbar in the bottom right corner of the screen. Click the drop-down menu with the percentage figure and select "Fit Width". 

PDF Reader Pro app showing zoom functions

Step 3: Explore your Figma PDF

Take some time to analyze your Figma PDF and ensure all your elements and designs have been translated properly to PDF.

If you want to edit any part of your Figma PDF, check out our guide on editing PDFs

Once designs are exported from Figma as PDFs, I use PDF Reader Pro to add detailed text explanations, annotations, or additional information that enhances the understanding of the designs.

This is particularly useful for creating comprehensive project presentations or documentation where Figma's visuals must be combined with in-depth written content.

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Additionally, PDF Reader Pro's ability to merge PDF files allows me to compile multiple design elements into a single document, making the distribution and review process more efficient.


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Figma to PDF: FAQ

How do I ensure that my PDF export from Figma maintains high quality?

To ensure high quality, make sure your Figma canvas and assets are set up at the desired resolution. When exporting, you can also adjust the scale in the export settings to increase the resolution of the PDF.

Can I export multiple frames from Figma into a single PDF file?

Yes, you can export multiple frames as a single PDF. Select all the frames you wish to include, then follow the same export process. Figma will compile them into one PDF document.

What should I do if the text in my exported PDF isn’t displaying correctly?

Ensure all text layers are properly set and that no fonts are missing. It may help to outline your text (convert it to vector shapes) before exporting if you experience issues with font rendering.

Can I export interactive elements from Figma to PDF?

While you can export visual representations of interactive elements (like buttons), the interactivity itself (like clickable links) will not carry over to the PDF. PDFs exported from Figma are static.

How can I reduce the file size of a PDF exported from Figma?

To reduce file size, consider lowering the scale in the export settings or simplifying the design by reducing the number of high-resolution images and detailed vector elements.

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