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Welcome to Back to School! Are you ready for the new term? PDF Reader Pro offers a huge discount, 50% off, to all the students and teachers! Once you purchase, you will get a permanent license. 


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How does PDF Reader Pro help students to study efficiently? Let’s start with a college student, Jack, who is overwhelmed by the huge amount of study materials. He has got a large number of course materials in PDF format from the internet and his teacher. What he wants to do is to combine some of these documents into one. PDF Reader Pro is a perfect option for him!


PDF Reader Pro - All-in-One PDF Reader & Editor


Best Tool for Page Editing

• Merge PDF Files

PDF Reader Pro allows you to merge PDF files into one, just follow the steps!

  1. Click Editor -> Merge -> choose Add Files and then you can select all the files you want to merge;

  2. Click Merge and select a folder to save the new file -> tap OK.



• Split  PDF Files

Jack has received a large PDF file, however, only a few parts of this document are useful. What an embarrassing situation! PDF Reader Pro helps him to split the important page from the original file, just follow the steps:

  1. Click Page Editor -> choose the page you want to split or hold Ctrl to choose multiple pages -> then hit Split -> tap Split in the pop-up windows;

  2. Select a folder to save the new file and click OK



• Compress PDF Files

One day Jack wants to share his PDF file with his classmate, however, it is time-consuming to share such a large file. So he decides to compress this file with PDF Reader Pro. How does Jack compress the file step by step?

  1. Hit Editor on the toolbar -> click Compress;

  2. Find Optimize Option and choose Low / Medium / High / Custom;

  3. Tap Compress and choose a folder for the new file, click OK.



Advanced Annotation Tools

Besides editing pages easily, the various comment tools which are used to mark up the text are also a great advantage. You can use Highlight, Underline, Squiggly, Strikethrough, and Freehand freely as well as change the color and opacity of the annotations in the right properties panel.



Besides the five tools mentioned above, the Anchored Note, Shapes, Link, Stamp, Text, and Signature are also available. If you want to know more about them, please click here.


Fast Convert PDF to Office

One day, Jack finds some valuable materials in PDF form, he wants to make some changes to the text. What are the solutions? The easiest way is to convert it to editable Microsoft Office formats such as Word, Excel, PPT, etc. How to convert PDF to Office? The followings are the steps(take the format Word as an example):

  1. Click Converter on the toolbar -> To Word -> choose the Page Range;

  2. Tap Converter -> choose a folder to save the new Word file -> click OK.



Sometimes, the situation is more complex because you will be annoyed to find that it is still a picture file after converting, you can’t edit it either! What can we do? 


OCR features can deal with this problem well. OCR in PDF Reader Pro helps us to extract texts from image-based or scanned PDFs with no quality and format loss, and there are various languages that can be recognized by OCR such as English, Chinese, French, German, etc.


Redact Private Information in PDF 

When sharing your paper with your classmates, are you worried about the leakage of sensitive information such as experiment data? PDF Reader Pro helps you to skillfully block out content that you don’t wish others to view. Follow the steps to redact private information now!

  1. Click Redact on the toolbar -> draw a rectangle over the text or directly choose the text you want to remove;

  2. Hit Apply.



Create a Fillable Form

In the new term, an application form is important to college club recruitment, but the situation is that you always find you can’t fill the form directly and you have to insert text boxes or other elements manually. As a member of a club, we need to create a fillable form for the applicants, so they can fill out the form conveniently. We can simply do the following to create a fillable form.

  1.  Add Text Field: This allows the users to type text, such as a name, or a phone number.
  2.  Add Check Box: Displays Yes or No selections for individual items. 
  3.  Add Radio Button: Displays a set of options from which the user can select only one.
  4.  Add Combo Box: This allows the users to select an item from the pop-up menu.


PDF Reader Pro is perfect for the student who needs to read and edit lots of PDFs every day just like Jack. If you are also looking for an effective learning tool, don’t miss the sale! Click "here" to get PDF Reader Pro now!


Besides the features above, PDF Reader Pro is an all-in-one PDF editor with the function of editing PDF, split view, creating form, signature, and security settings. It is possible to get a 7-days free trial before the purchase.

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