PDF Reader Pro 2021-2022: Looking Back, Looking Forward

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2021 was another unprecedented year in the context of COVID-19 pandemic. Most of us are now familiar with or adapted to remote work, video conference, online contacting etc, even some people and companies plan to work remotely after the pandemic.

PDF Reader Pro has also experienced a journey with joy and tears in 2021. Let’s see our journey in 2021 as well as our outlook for 2022.

1. Opportunities and Challenges from COVID-19

2. PDF Reader Pro’s Key Achievements in 2021

3. PDF Reader Pro’s Outlook for 2022

Opportunities and Challenges from COVID-19

Even though the rollout of vaccines at the early of this year offered hope of breakthrough, there are still daunting challenges, including fears about omicron and other new variants, inequity in vaccine access across countries, continuing high death tolls and abnormal unemployment in many sectors etc.

However, unlike most other sectors, the software industry, including office tools, has weathered the COVID-19 storm reasonably, which mainly results from the great shift of work model. Specifically, the effects of the global coronavirus forced us to find new ways of doing the jobs we normally would have performed in the office surrounded by our peers. Meanwhile, companies have to harness digital systems to ensure their employees work from home, facilitate automation, and virtually assist customers.

Given these facts, PDF Reader Pro has seen its great business growth under COVID-19.

PDF Reader Pro’s Key Achievements in 2021

Below, we round up some of the year’s biggest achievements.

1) Business scope 200+ countries and regions

Thanks to the great opportunity brought by shifting to remote work, PDF Reader Pro has embraced its huge business success. We have extended our business from the United States to the United Kingdom, India, China, Germany etc, a total of 200+ countries and regions across the globe.

2) Users number 80+ million

In 2021, our PDF Reader Pro has been widely used and installed on over 80 million devices. And for excellent function and design, it brings excellent user experience and wins positive feedback.

With all the work I do involving PDF documents, getting this app was the best gift to myself. In my opinion, it has paid for itself given the amount of time, energy, and frustration it has saved me. I like the versatility of this program and it does more than I even expected.

— Jeff

The absolute best PDF application available.

I have been using both the Laptop, iPad, and IPhone versions for 5 years now. I am never disappointed and always amazed at what new things the app can do when I need them. VERY highly recommended on all device formats. Never let me down with my clients when I am using it.

— Bidaweebiscuit

I’ve been looking for an app just like this for quite some time. I’ve tried different solutions for my PDF needs but this one addresses all of them. All the different PDF management tools - conversion, annotation, highlight, form filling etc- are as good as advertised and may be even better for how I had hoped.

—  Walter Mentle

3) Innovative products new launched and updated

We’re constantly launching new products and features to enrich our suite of offerings and enhance the user experience. This year, all our PDF editor versions have their own updates or new launches, from new functions to App.

New product launched:

PDF Reader Pro for Windows: We launched PDF editor’s new version (EXE file) for Windows, which allows users to download directly from the website without App Store and significantly enhances experience.

The new version offers all necessary features that are available on other versions of the software provider, such as split view to compare files, customized theme colors, flattened copy etc.

PDF Reader Pro for Windows

SignFlow: SighFlow is another product we launched in 2021. It is a fast eSignature PDF editor that lets you digitally sign PDF documents, fill, read, edit and comment PDFs, making your editing and signing workflow smooth.

PDF SDK: Moreover, to meet specific needs for enterprises, we have also extended B2B business this year. Our newly-launched PDF SDK  and PDF Conversion SDK integrates all functionalities — PDF viewing, annotations, signatures, Conversion, OCR etc,  which are tightly compatible with any platform you're working on. 

Others: Besides office tool products, we also set foot in multimedia products and diversified products to meet the needs of current market. Under the brand Filmage, we have rolled out products such as Filmage Editor, Filmage Screen, Filmage Converter and Filmage Player. Just as the name suggests, they focused on video editing, screen recording, video converting and playing respectively.

New functions updated:

In 2021, we managed to carry on innovating updates on all platforms.

For Mactwo major versions (Version 2.8.0 and Version 2.8.5 ) have been carried out, mainly in the following aspects:

- Upgrade and integrate PDF converter tools

- Optimize OCR feature

- Watermark PDFs with text or image and PDF file

- Support to batch select multiple pages in Thumbnails

For Windows4 new features are unlocked for PDF Reader Pro Windows in August 2021.

- Dark Mode for a better reading experience

- Convert PDF to Word/PPT

- Editing outlines for easy navigation

- Compatible with Windows 11

For iOS and AndroidSame to PC, phone versions have also been improved in functions. For example, latest updates in Android include:

- Able to customize your favorite folder, to easily create, move, rename or cancel it

- Audio annotation to record sound at any moment, making your PDFs more interesting and engaging while saving time

4) More excellent user-oriented service

Besides working on products itself, we have devoted lots of time and energy from all-round aspects to improve user service in 2021.

Prompt customer support: We handle over 10,000 emails from users in 2021. They always get help and find answers to questions as soon as they come up.

User guide in both text and video: To help users get better understanding, we even expand our marketing team to write FAQ and blog and make video tutorials. All these contents are updated on a weekly basis, which allow users to keep informed at all operations in time.

PDF Reader Pro’s Outlook for 2022

With the mission to empower modern professionals to better leverage their productivity, we will constantly enrich our PDF editor functions and roll out more products, such as PDF solutions for business, so as to enhance the user experience based on their requests and needs.

Last but not least, we want to end with a massive thanks to our amazing clients. Thanks to you we have grown our business this year. We’re excited to provide you with more products, features, and value in 2022.

Take care, and have a Happy New Year.

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