7 Best Apps for Law Students

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Discover the top 7 best apps for law students can use to enhance their organizational skills, from case law databases to efficient study tools.
7 Best Apps for Law Students

Mobile devices offer essential apps for law students, providing access to legal documents, law dictionaries, and academic resources like Google Scholar. These apps assist in managing study schedules, preparing for the bar exam, and staying updated with legal news.

They are vital for efficient time management and studying, with functionalities like PDF editing, digital flashcards, and integration with legal libraries. Available for platforms like iPad and Android, they cater to the diverse needs of law students in their academic and professional journey.


Quick Comparison


Helpful Feature


PDF Reader Pro

Advanced PDF management and editing for legal documents 5.0


Extensive legal research and access to a vast legal library 3.9


Comprehensive legal case and statutes database 4.7


Cloud-based practice management and task management 4.7

Law Dojo

Interactive games for learning legal concepts 4.9


AI-powered legal research assistance 4.5


Note-taking and organization for study schedules 4.4


All these apps offer different solutions or help for law students!

7 Best Apps for Law Students

1. PDF Reader Pro


Image Source: PDF Reader Pro

Uses and Functions:

PDF Reader Pro offers a comprehensive suite of tools for managing and editing PDF documents on mobile devices. It is a versatile app designed to meet the needs of law students and legal professionals, allowing easy access to legal documents, case files, and study materials.

Key Features:

  • Advanced PDF editing and annotation tools.

  • Support for multiple file formats, including legal document types.

  • Integrated task manager for organizing study schedules and to-do lists.

Our Experience:

Our use of PDF Reader Pro has been instrumental in managing extensive legal documents. Its ability to handle multiple file types and its intuitive interface makes it a go-to tool for law students, particularly when dealing with complex legal concepts and extensive legal templates.

2. LexisNexis

Image Source: LexisNexis

Uses and Functions:

LexisNexis is a mobile application that provides access to a vast legal library, including case law and legal news. It is an essential tool for law students to research and stay updated with the latest legal developments.

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive legal research tools.

  • Real-time legal news and updates.

  • Access to a wide range of legal dictionaries and resource guides.

Our Experience:

LexisNexis has been a reliable source for in-depth legal research and staying informed about current legal news. The app's extensive library and research tools have proven invaluable for law school content and study.

3. Westlaw

Image Source: Westlaw

Uses and Functions:

Westlaw is designed for law students and legal professionals to access a wide array of legal documents and case laws. It serves as a critical research tool in the legal practice and educational realm.

Key Features:

  • Extensive database of case laws and legal documents.

  • Advanced search options for legal research.

  • Customizable interface for personalizing the research experience.

Our Experience:

Westlaw's expansive database has been a cornerstone for legal research, particularly in law practice and law school scenarios. Its advanced search capabilities enhance our ability to find relevant case laws quickly.

4. Clio

Image Source: Clio

Uses and Functions:

Clio offers cloud-based practice management solutions, ideal for law students engaging in real-world legal practice simulations or managing law firm internships.

Key Features:

  • Cloud-based task and practice management.

  • Calendar and schedule integration for effective time management.

  • Collaboration tools for working with legal teams.

Our Experience:

Clio has been instrumental in managing law practice tasks and schedules, providing an organized approach to handling multiple responsibilities, such as internship assignments and collaborative projects.

5. Law Dojo

Image Source: Law Dojo

Uses and Functions:

Law Dojo is an educational app that uses interactive games to teach various legal concepts, making it a fun and effective tool for law students.

Key Features:

  • Interactive games focused on legal concepts.

  • Variety of topics covering different law school subjects.

  • Engaging interface to make learning enjoyable.

Our Experience:

Law Dojo adds an element of fun to studying law, making complex legal concepts more accessible and easier to understand, especially for law students seeking alternative study methods.

6. Fastcase

Image Source: Fastcase

Uses and Functions:

FastCase is designed for law students and legal professionals seeking efficient legal research. It utilizes advanced AI technology to provide quick access to a vast database of legal cases and statutes.

Key Features:

  • AI-powered legal research tools.
  • Extensive database of legal cases and statutes.
  • User-friendly interface for quick and efficient research.

Our Experience:

Our experience with FastCase has been highly positive, particularly due to its AI-driven search capabilities which significantly streamline the legal research process. The extensive legal database and intuitive interface make it an invaluable resource for in-depth legal study and research.

7. Evernote

Image Source: Evernote

Uses and Functions:

Evernote is a versatile note-taking and organization app that helps law students manage their study materials, schedules, and tasks efficiently.

Key Features:

  • Advanced note-taking and document management.

  • Task list and to-do list integration.

  • Sync capabilities across multiple devices for accessibility.

Our Experience:

Evernote's organizational capabilities have greatly assisted in managing study schedules and keeping track of important tasks and notes, proving to be an essential tool for busy law students.

Use PDF Reader Pro Legal Templates

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Best Apps for Law Students: Best Practices

When utilizing apps for law studies or professional practice, it's important to adopt best practices to maximize their potential. Here are some key guidelines:

  1. Organize and Prioritize: Use apps to keep track of your tasks, deadlines, and study schedules. Apps with to-do lists, calendar integration, and reminder functionalities are particularly beneficial for maintaining organization.

  2. Leverage Legal Libraries and Resources: Make the most of apps that provide access to legal libraries, case laws, and statutes. This can be incredibly helpful for research and staying updated with the latest legal developments.

  3. Utilize Practice Questions and Flashcards: For law students, apps offering practice questions, mock tests, and flashcards are great for reinforcing knowledge and preparing for exams like the bar.

  4. Optimize Document Management: Use apps that support PDF and other document formats for viewing, editing, and organizing legal documents. Features like digital signatures, annotations, and document comparisons can be extremely useful.

  5. Stay Informed with Legal News Apps: Keeping abreast of current legal news and developments is crucial. Use apps that aggregate legal news and provide insights into ongoing cases and legal trends.

  6. Maximize Time Management: Law studies and practice demand efficient time management. Utilize apps with features like time trackers, study timers, and productivity tools to manage your time effectively.

  7. Ensure Data Security and Confidentiality: When dealing with sensitive legal documents, it's crucial to use apps that offer robust security features to protect client confidentiality and personal data.

  8. Embrace Cloud-Based Solutions: For accessibility and backup, use apps that offer cloud storage options. This ensures that your documents and resources are available across multiple devices and safeguard against data loss.


Best Apps for Law Students: FAQ

Why are these apps useful for law students?

These apps provide essential tools for legal research, document management, note-taking, and exam preparation, making them invaluable for law students' academic and professional development.

Can these apps be used on multiple devices?

Most of these apps are compatible with various mobile devices and often have desktop versions, allowing synchronization and access across different platforms.

Are there any free law apps for students?

Many law apps offer free versions or trial periods, though full access to all features might require a subscription or purchase.

How do law apps help with bar exam preparation?

Apps like BarMax offer specific bar exam preparation materials, including practice questions and review courses, which are tailored to the bar exam's format and content.

Can these apps replace traditional law books?

While these apps provide a wealth of resources and are more convenient, they are best used in conjunction with traditional law books and other study materials for a comprehensive understanding.

Is it secure to store legal documents on these apps?

Most reputable law apps come with strong security features to ensure the confidentiality and safety of legal documents. However, it's always wise to check the app's security credentials and back up your important documents.

Do these apps require an internet connection?

Some features of these apps might require an internet connection, especially those involving cloud-based services or online legal databases. However, many also offer offline functionalities for downloaded materials or notes.

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