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Streamlining App Purchases at Scale: The Volume Purchase Program for Enterprise

Discover how VPP streamlines app purchases for businesses at scale. Learn about the benefits of VPP, like cost savings, simplified app distribution & enhanced control.
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Businesses of all sizes rely heavily on mobile apps to streamline processes and enhance productivity in today's digital world. However, managing app purchases and deployment at scale can be complex and time-consuming. To address this challenge, Apple introduced the Volume Purchase Program (VPP) for Enterprise. In this blog, we will explore the benefits of VPP and how it simplifies app procurement, with a focus on how PDF Reader Pro can be a valuable asset for businesses.


Benefits of VPP for Enterprise

1. Cost Savings through Bulk Purchasing

VPP enables businesses to purchase apps in large quantities, leading to significant cost savings. By consolidating app purchases, companies can negotiate better pricing and effectively manage their app budgets. This means more resources can be allocated to other essential business functions.


2. Simplified App Distribution and Management

With VPP, businesses can effortlessly distribute apps across devices, eliminating the need for individual app downloads. Administrators can streamline app management, ensuring employees have access to the necessary tools quickly and securely. This centralized approach saves time, enhances productivity, and improves the overall user experience.


3. Increased Control and Security Measures

VPP offers enhanced security features that enable businesses to maintain control over app distribution. Administrators can assign unique licenses to individuals or groups, ensuring only authorized users gain access to specific apps. This added layer of control reduces the risk of unauthorized app usage and provides peace of mind regarding data security.


4. Enhanced Efficiency in App Procurement

By leveraging VPP, businesses can streamline the app procurement process from start to finish. From finding the right apps to negotiating contracts, VPP simplifies the entire lifecycle of app purchasing. This eliminates the need for manual paperwork, reduces administrative burdens, and enables companies to quickly deploy the latest tools and technologies to their workforce.


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Streamlining App Purchases with VPP

To effectively utilize VPP and streamline app purchases at scale, it is essential to leverage powerful apps like PDF Reader Pro. With its advanced features and seamless integration with VPP, PDF Reader Pro can revolutionize the way businesses manage their document workflows.


Method 1: Centralized App Procurement Process

PDF Reader Pro offers a user-friendly interface that allows administrators to search, purchase, and distribute the web directly from the VPP portal. This eliminates the need for multiple platforms and simplifies the app procurement process. Moreover, PDF Reader Pro's comprehensive document management capabilities make it an invaluable tool for businesses dealing with large volumes of PDF files.


Method 2: Customized App Deployment Options

PDF Reader Pro provides flexible deployment options to suit diverse business needs. Administrators can choose to distribute the app through MDM solutions or utilize redemption codes for individual installations. This ensures seamless app deployment to employees' devices without any hassle.


Method 3: Seamless App Distribution across Devices and Users

PDF Reader Pro simplifies app distribution by supporting various device types and platforms. Whether employees use iPhones, iPads, or Windows devices, PDF Reader Pro seamlessly integrates with VPP and ensures smooth app distribution regardless of the operating system.


Method 4: Simplified License Management and Updates

With PDF Reader Pro, license management becomes effortless. Administrators can easily assign licenses to individuals or groups and monitor usage effectively. Additionally, updates and new features are conveniently delivered, ensuring businesses always have access to the latest capabilities and improvements.


Success Stories of VPP Implementation

Businesses that have implemented VPP, along with PDF Reader Pro, have witnessed remarkable improvements in their app procurement and management processes:


Company X: By leveraging VPP, Company X achieved significant cost savings through bulk app purchases. By integrating PDF Reader Pro, they streamlined their document workflows, resulting in enhanced productivity and cost efficiency.


Company Y: Company Y successfully reduced administrative burden and improved app deployment speed by utilizing VPP and PDF Reader Pro. By simplifying license management and integrating VPP with their MDM solution, they experienced seamless app distribution and enhanced security measures.


How to Get Started with VPP

If you are considering utilizing VPP to streamline app purchases, here are some steps to get started:


Getting Started with PDF Reader Pro's VPP

Step 1: Visit the Official PDF Reader Pro VPP Purchase Page

Enter in your browser or click on the link provided.


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Step 2: Learn About the VPP Benefits

Read the information on the page about the VPP to understand the advantages of purchasing PDF Reader Pro through the VPP, such as discounted pricing for educational and business groups, convenient bulk purchasing, and simplified deployment.


Step 3: Fill Out the Purchase Form

There is a form or a purchase button on the page which you will need to click. Then fill out the necessary information such as the number of licenses, contact email, etc.


Step 4: Submit Your Purchase Request

Once the form is completed, submit your purchase request. You may need to wait for a response from the PDF Reader Pro team, who will provide further details on purchasing and deployment.


Step 5: Wait for Confirmation and Invoice

After payment is made, you will typically receive a confirmation email and an invoice. Make sure your contact information is accurate to receive all relevant documents and instructions for the next steps.


Step 6: Deploy to Devices

After receiving the serial number(s) or bulk purchase certificate from PDF Reader Pro, you can follow their provided guide to install and activate the PDF Reader Pro software on your designated devices.


Step 7: Get Support

If you encounter any issues, such as installation or activation problems, you can usually contact PDF Reader Pro's technical support team for help.


Getting Started with Apple's VPP

Step 1: Enroll in Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager

To start using Apple's VPP, your organization needs to be enrolled in either Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager. These platforms provide a centralized location for managing your organization’s Apple devices, apps, and accounts.


Step 2: Set Up Your Account

Once enrolled, you need to set up a dedicated Apple ID for VPP and assign roles to your team members to manage app distribution.


Step 3: Purchase Apps and Books

After setting up your account, you can browse the VPP store within the Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager and purchase apps and books. Prices may be discounted based on the volume of your purchase.


Step 4: Distribute Content

With the software purchased, you can then distribute the apps and books to individuals in your organization using redemption codes or directly assigning content to their Apple IDs.


Step 5: Manage and Track Licenses

Track the licenses you’ve acquired and manage the distribution of apps and books through the management platform. Revoke and reassign licenses as necessary to optimize resource utilization.


Getting Started with Microsoft Store's Volume Purchase Program

Step 1: Sign Up for Microsoft Store for Business or Microsoft Store for Education

Similar to Apple, you'll first need to sign up for Microsoft Store for Business or Microsoft Store for Education, depending on your organization type.


Step 2: Set Up Your Account

Create an account for your organization and add admins or users who will manage the purchasing and distribution of apps.


Step 3: Shop for Apps

Browse the Microsoft Store to find the apps you wish to purchase. Look for information about volume discounts, which can provide significant savings for bulk purchases.


Step 4: Purchase Licenses

When you purchase an app, you're buying licenses that can be assigned to users in your organization. Complete the purchase and the licenses will be added to your inventory.


Step 5: Assign Apps to Users or Devices

Assign the purchased app licenses to users or devices in your organization through the Microsoft Store for Business or Microsoft Store for Education management tools.


Step 6: Manage Licenses

Keep track of which licenses are assigned and which are available. You can also reclaim licenses from users who no longer need the apps and reassign them as needed.



The Volume Purchase Program for Enterprise (VPP) presents a golden opportunity for businesses to streamline app purchases, reduce costs, and enhance productivity. By leveraging VPP along with feature-rich apps like PDF Reader Pro, businesses can simplify app procurement, distribution, and management at scale. Embrace the power of VPP and PDF Reader Pro to revolutionize your app management strategy today, and experience seamless workflows and improved productivity across your organization.

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