Best Ebook Reader Apps for Android in 2023

Tue. 07 Feb. 20238153 Mins

There are tons of ebook readers on Android. They all come in a variety of features, and availability to accommodate your needs. Having an ebook reader on your Android device is undeniably convenient. If you are a book lover, then you may not want to pass up every opportunity to read a book. Carrying piles of novels or encyclopedias everywhere is not practical. With an ebook reader, you can read your favorite books comfortably wherever you are.


If you are a student in college, you can easily read exam materials or journals. Plus, you can add annotations or bookmarks to the journal. If you work in an IT, marketing management, or finance company, you may like to read books or magazines to enrich your knowledge. With ebook readers, you can read and organize these books all in one app.


Android devices, whether mobile or tablet, are the most suitable reading devices. Good ebook reader software can elevate your reading experience. There are tons of ebook readers on the market, so we help you pick some of the best ones including our excellent ebook reader, PDF Reader Pro. Each of these apps provides advanced features, ready to enhance your reading experience.

  1. PDF Reader Pro - Best Ebook Reader on Android

  2. More Ebook Readers for Android

  3. What Can You Do with Ebook Reader Apps

  4. Conclusion


PDF Reader Pro - Best All-Around Ebook Reader on Android



Are you looking for a versatile ebook reader that’s free and easy to use? PDF Reader Pro is your ultimate answer. PDF Reader Pro is a PDF reader app that can help you stay productive with your Android device by reading ebooks.


PDF Reader Pro has a clean and user-friendly interface. All buttons and tabs are intuitively placed allowing new users to understand them easily.


With PDF Reader Pro, you can also read ebooks anywhere offline. All you have to do is to download the book on your device. This is simply the best all-around PDF reader that you can't afford to miss, and here's why.

  1. PDF Reader Pro offers a variety of view modes for reading including single page, two page, and book mode.        

  2. It is equipped with powerful annotation tools ranging from highlights, underlines, squiggly, strikethrough, freehand, text, anchored notes, audio notes, shapes, links, signatures, stamps, and images. Each annotation tool can help you highlight the important parts of the book.

  3. PDF Reader Pro has a variety of navigation tools that makes it easier to browse through ebooks such as bookmarks, search buttons, annotations, and more. Annotation tools will optimize your reading experience to be as comfortable as possible.

  4. It has other PDF editing tools including document converter (to Office, text, images), extracting images from document, split pages, compress files, merge files, OCR, etc.

  5. Besides reading ebook or documents for free, you can also experience the rest of the features of PDF Reader Pro for Android for free!


If you are looking for more than just an ebook reader, then PDF Reader Pro is your answer. It's the smartest choice to read ebooks comfortably while organizing your documents, all in one. Make sure you have downloaded PDF Reader Pro on your Android device. If you don’t have the software yet, DOWNLOAD PDF Reader Pro here.



More Ebook Readers for Android   

  1.  Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle is one of the most popular ebook reader apps for Android devices. Kindle in collaboration with Amazon allows you to access the largest online bookstore. Amazon Kindle provides reading settings such as syncing the last page read, taking notes and annotations, and highlighting contents. It is compatible for all types of Android devices. To enjoy this app, you only need to log in with your Amazon account and you can immediately enjoy a great book reading experience.


Key features:

  • You can access Amazon's online bookstore through this app.

  • It will ask if you would like to update to the last page you read when you open the ebook.


  1.  Aldiko Ebook Reader 

Aldiko is one of the oldest ebook readers. It has long been popular among book lovers. Aldiko supports EPUB and PDF formats which can be connected to public libraries. With Aldiko, you can set several adjustments for an optimal reading experience. You can enjoy the free version although you may be annoyed by ads and lack of annotation features. If you buy the premium version, you can enjoy all the features available.


Key features:

  • Aldiko Next allows you to listen to your books even if you have switched to another app.

  • The ability to create tags and add them to your books.


  1.  Moon+ Reader

Moon+ Reader is one of the most innovative ebook readers for Android. This App offers a library of thousands of eBooks which you can access for free. Besides supporting numerous formats of ebooks, Moon+ also has many other features to enhance your reading experience. You can customize the app's interface to ensure you get the best reading experience. Even though the paid version of Moon+ is quite expensive, the free version is worth a try.


Key features:

  • Moon+ supports the text-to-speak feature by shaking your phone.

  • Moon+ Reader offers multiple scroll modes with real-time and efficient speed control.


  1.  FBReader 

Favorite Books Reader (aka FBReader) is known as one of the most enduring ebook readers like Aldiko. FBReader is versatile because it supports various file formats and offline use. As one of the pioneers of ebook readers, it has quite complete features such as adjusting background colors, fonts, and margins.


Key features: 

  • FBReader is integrated with an offline dictionary but you must have an internet connection to look up a word.

  • Text-to-speech feature allows you to listen to your favorite ebooks while you do other activities.


  1.  Nook

Barnes & Noble Nook is an ebook reader app that is strategically designed to let users experience a great book reading on one platform. Nook provides a library that has a wide variety of books such as magazines, novels, audiobooks, and etc. However, you should ensure that you download the book through the Nook library or otherwise, you wouldn't be able to read the book.


Key features:

  • You can add annotations such as highlights or notes, as well as bookmarks to your eBook.

  • You can set the Sleep Timer for your audiobook according to your schedule.


What Can You Do with Ebook Reader Apps?

  • Make Life Easier: With an ebook reader, you don't have to carry a printed book everywhere. All you have to do is install an additional app on your device to start getting used to reading.

  • All in One: The ebook reader app that we have recommended above has many features besides just reading. You can add annotations and notes to your ebook just like you would when reading a printed book.

  • Better Organization: By installing an ebook reader app on your device (which you use every day), you can more easily organize the books or documents you want to read. By storing books digitally, you also won't easily lose books or documents.

  • Quick Navigation: With an ebook reader, you can browse through content in a blink. In addition, you can jump through hundreds or even thousands of pages based on the annotations or bookmarks that you saved.



We have given you a list of some of the best ebook readers on Android. Each one of them has its advantages. But if you ask us which one is the best, we'll say PDF Reader Pro for various reasons. Not only an excellent ebook reader, but it also offers more advanced features to enrich your reading experience as well as organize your documents. If you are still unsure, you can try each of the apps above and find the one you like. DOWNLOAD PDF Reader Pro, best all around ebook reader software now.


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