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Wed. 12 Oct. 202212543 Mins

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Mary, a teacher in a college, recently got into a dilemma that she is overwhelmed by electronic files every day such as students’ assignment, learning materials, research reports,etc. Her computer is filled with numerous PDFs. Is there a software that can help her merge, sort, or compress these PDF documents?  Obviously, there is. with the digital transformation, PDF software is preferred by the majority of people. A powerful PDF tool makes it easy to process documents.


This article will show you how PDF software helps students and teachers work efficiently as well as the best PDF tool for education-PDF Reader Pro. Here is an overview of the passage.


1. Why is PDF Tool Useful for Teachers?

2. Why is PDF Software Ideal for Students?

3. How Does PDF Help College Save Cost?

4. What is The Best PDF Tool for Education?


Why is PDF Tool Useful for Teachers?

How does PDF software help teachers manage their files and facilitate their work? You may get the answer from several aspects.

  • Manage Files Through Combining PDFs

As a teacher, you may need to collect all your students’ assignments into one folder. When there are lots of students in your class, the folder will be filled with dozens of PDF documents, which is an annoying thing because not only do the files take up much disk space, but they also make it extremely difficult to view and share all the assignments at once. However, if you can make good use of PDF software, it's no longer a hassle. A powerful PDF editor allows you to quickly combine different documents into one and you can find the content you need with search tool. Similarly, the page split tool helps you to split out a particular student's work from a large file.


  • Convert Files for Easy Editing

For effective teaching, a teacher has to refer to a large number of academic materials when preparing for class, most of which are in PDF format. What if you want to modify the content in such a non-editable PDF file and make it proper for your students? PDF software can help you with its conversion tool, making it easy to convert PDF to Word so that you are able to edit, copy, and paste the content you need.


  • Password PDF for Better Protection

Academic research plays an important role in college professors’ daily work, which contains some experimental data. It will bring bad consequences if significant data is obtained illegally. Therefore, using a powerful tool to protect your file from being plagiarized is essential. One solution is to set open permissions for PDF files, while another approach is to redact PDF, which seems to be safer. In a word, we must put strict protection on such academic-related files.


Why is PDF Software Ideal for Students? 

Why are PDF tools useful for students? How does it improve learning efficiency? Here is the answer.

  • Taking Notes with Comment Tool

With the popularity of electronic books, we are always overwhelmed by various electronic learning materials such as electronic textbooks, research reports, etc. Printing all these materials in order to take notes will definitely cost you a lot of money. What’s more, it is unportable. Is there an easy way to annotate the electronic document in PDF format? Fortunately, PDF software will offer you rich annotation tools like highlight, underline, freehand drawing, anchored note, etc. You can create digital notes with PDF. While PDF software also supports adding links that can be connected to a website, allowing you to access some extra information on some key points when you need it.


  • OCR for Better Learning

Have you ever felt disappointed when you put a great effort into successfully accessing useful study material only to find out that it is a scanned PDF document or a picture that was taken by other students? That means you can’t modify or copy the needed content in the document. Do we need to download professional OCR software to recognize the text in the file and then copy and paste them into a new document? Obviously, we don’t have to do this because powerful PDF software supports OCR. Just launch PDF software and click OCR, you can quickly extract text in a scanned PDF or an image.


  • Optional Background Protect Eyesight

The number of students who suffer from bad eyesight is increasing rapidly as they spend too much time on electronic products. To relieve eye fatigue and protect eyesight from getting worse, PDF tools provide you with different themes and backgrounds such as soft light yellow and green. But we still recommend you to have a rest after a long-time reading.


How Does PDF Help Colleges Save Cost?

It’s a no-brainer that schools process a lot of documents that range from administrative contracts and forms to student records. It would be a huge expense if all these documents are printed, putting aside the effort involved in managing the paper-based files. Electronic PDF files can solve this problem well since all the PDFs can be saved on a computer without worrying about losing files.


In addition, with electronization of study materials, students also have access to their materials at any time since they can download these resources from the school’s website. What’s more, distributing the updated materials will be faster and easier since it can be a simple matter of downloading.


Some PDF tools also offer a huge discount for students and teachers. You can enjoy the premium features at a lower price by submitting an educational email address on the website. For example, PDF Reader Pro, which offers 50% discount for teachers and students.


What is The Best PDF Tool for Education?

How to choose a powerful PDF tool for education? You should pay attention to advanced functions such as converting, annotating, and security. A clean interface that can clearly show you all the function buttons is also important.  Here, we introduce a powerful and easy-to-use PDF tool to you - PDF Reader Pro.


Let's take a closer look at some features suitable for teachers and students.

  • Rich Annotation Tools

PDF Reader Pro has various annotation tools that make your notes more informative. You can add highlights, strikethroughs, underlines, freehand, anchored notes, shapes, stamps, and links to a PDF. 



  • Various Themes to Choose From

To relieve visual strain, PDF Reader Pro has thoughtfully prepared different themes for you to choose from, such as light yellow and green. You can also customize the color according to your preference. Click here to know more about changing background.



  • Fast Merge and Split Files

Merging multiple PDFs into one with PDF Reader Pro is a breeze. It will just take you several seconds to combine files. The split tool also helps you to split needed pages and integrate them into a new PDF file.



  • Powerful PDF Converter

You can convert PDF to Office easily. PDF Reader Pro supports converting PDF to Word, PPT, Excel, Image, and Text so that you can edit the learning materials in PDF format by converting them to an editable format. OCR is another useful function for teachers and students since it allows you to extract text from a scanned document.


Click here to know more about PDF converter.


  • Secure PDF Files

There are several ways for you to secure a PDF with PDF Reader Pro, for example:

  1. Set an open password

  2. Restrict document copying and printing

  3. Redact PDF (put a black box on sensitive content that can’t be removed)

  4. Add watermark to PDFs


Maybe you are not familiar with redaction tool, click here to learn more.


In general, PDF Reader Pro is a perfect option for education, both students and teachers can benefit from the electronic document since it saves lots of time and money. Click download to get a free trial or buy it with 50% off now if you are a student or teacher flooded with PDFs every day. Feel free to contact us at [email protected].


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