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Showing PDF files to clients like a PowerPoint is a hassle unless we find the proper software. In order to present PDFs as slideshow page by page without any distracting toolbars and property panels, we always convert PDF to PPT first and then begin our presentation. However, converting everything into PPT for the sake of presentation is inconvenient. 


To simplify the operation, PDF Reader Pro offers you Slideshow Mode. With a few clicks of a mouse, you can turn on Slideshow Mode in PDF Reader Pro, letting you get rid of the complicated conversion and saving steps. This article will tell you how to present your PDF like a slideshow from several aspects:


1. New Features in PDF Reader Pro Window: Slideshow

2. How to Present PDF Like a PowerPoint?

3. Who Will Benefit From Slideshow Mode?

4. More Reading Mode Facilitate Your Work


New Features in PDF Reader Pro Window: Slideshow


The latest version of PDF Reader Pro for Windows brings an exciting new feature to you: Slideshow Mode, which enables you to have a better presentation of your PDF files. What is the slideshow mode? In this mode, PDF files will be presented in the form of individual pages in a sequence. What you can see is a pretty clean and complete reading page. You can jump to the next page by clicking the button just like what you did in PowerPoint.


How to Present PDF Like a PowerPoint?


PDF Reader Pro helps you to make a PDF slideshow effortlessly, you can enter Slideshow Mode with two simple steps, or follow the steps below.


  • How to turn on and turn off Slideshow Mode?


1. Click Page Display on the toolbar;

2. Tap Slideshow on the right panel and then you can present PDF as slideshow.



3. Tap esc on the keyboard or tick the back button on the top left corner to exit slideshow mode. 


  • Practical tools to improve the presentation efficiency


Not only can you show the PDF file page by page, but you can also use the laser pointer and brush tools to highlight the important content so that your audience can always follow your thoughts and have a better understanding of your presentation. 


During your presentation, the laser pointer tool is a good choice to emphasize what you are saying when the page is filled with text. when you want to mark up some text or make some simple comment, the brush tool can be a huge help to you.



Who Will Benefit From Slideshow Mode?


  • Teachers

As a college teacher, it is common to present literature or academic content to students, however, these materials are always in PDF format. Since PDF Reader Pro provides you with slideshow mode, teachers can easily present PDFs like a PowerPoint or even share their screens remotely via Zoom, Google Meet, etc.


  • Senior Management 

For the best growth of the company, senior management often need to develop and show marketing strategies or marketing plans to their teams. This type of strategy or plan is usually presented in the form of a PDF file with a combination of tables and text.


  • College Students

As a college student, you may be overwhelmed by all kinds of research reports and theses which contain more than 100 pages. Converting this large PDF file to PPT for a better presentation seems to be a time-consuming process. In contrast, using the slideshow feature directly seems to be a time-saving method.


  • Trainer

Training documents are an important part for trainers, and these documents are available in PPT or PDF format. When the training material is a PDF file, the slideshow mode can be very useful, because the laser pointer tool can be used in this mode to help the students focus on the key knowledge.


More Reading Mode Facilitate Your Work


Besides the slideshow mode we mentioned above, PDF Reader Pro also offers you various reading modes, letting you enjoy a different reading experience according to your different reading needs, such as:


Read Mode: In Read Mode, all the toolbars and properties panels will be hidden to prevent unnecessary distractions. In addition, you can freely zoom the page for a clearer view of the content. If you want to read a novel in PDF format, you can give priority to Read Mode.


Text reflow Mode: You can turn on Text Reflow Mode if you want to fast view the content or copy the text in a PDF that is filled with a large number of images. Text Reflow Mode will conceal all images and comments in the file for quick access to text information.


Split View: Most programs support reading PDFs and some even offer multi-tab viewers. But PDF Reader Pro has a Split View so you can compare different contents. When reading a marketing report, do you have a headache of constantly scrolling the mouse wheel to view the data and analysis which are displayed on different pages? Split View can solve the trouble of annoying jumping between two pages and allows you to view two different pages of a PDF simultaneously on the same screen.


In conclusion, you can choose different reading modes according to your preference. Whether you want to show your PDF files to the audience or read an article at your leisure time, PDF Reader Pro will surely give you a smooth reading and presentation experience. Feel free to contact us at [email protected] if you’ve got any problems. Click download to get a 7-day free trial. Discover more of PDF Reader Pro's powerful tools that can undoubtedly bring convenience to your workflow.

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