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5 of the Best Handwritten Fonts for a Handmade Look

Are you looking for the perfect font to write a letter? We've collected some of the best handwritten fonts to inspire you.
5 of the Best Handwritten Fonts for a Handmade Look

Handwritten fonts, also known as script fonts or calligraphy fonts, are typefaces that mimic the appearance of handwriting.

They are characterized by irregular strokes, and varying baseline heights, and often emulate the nuances of penmanship. Read on to see some of our favorites and some of their best uses!

1. Bright Sunshine

Handwritten fonts add a personal touch to various design projects, such as invitations, greeting cards, and personal stationery. They convey warmth, authenticity, and individuality, making them ideal for conveying personal messages.

Many brands use handwritten fonts in their logos, packaging, and marketing materials to create a friendly and approachable brand image. Handwritten fonts can evoke a sense of creativity, playfulness, and human connection, which resonates well with certain audiences.

2. Beth Ellen


Handwritten fonts are popular among artists, designers, and creatives who want to express their unique style and personality. They can be used in digital artwork, illustrations, and graphic designs to add flair and character to the composition.

These fonts are also a staple in wedding stationery design, including save-the-date cards, wedding invitations, and RSVP cards. They lend an elegant and romantic feel to the designs, enhancing the overall aesthetic of the event.

3. Coming Soon

Often these fonts are used in typography projects, such as posters, quotes, and typographic illustrations. They allow designers to experiment with typography, typography pairings, and text arrangements to create visually striking and expressive compositions.

They are widely used in digital content creation, including social media graphics, blog headers, and website designs. They help to create eye-catching visuals and convey a more authentic and relatable tone to the audience.

4. Kavivanar

  • Font FamilyKavivanar (Featured Font is Original)
  • Designer: Tharique Azeez
  • Year Created: 2013
  • Font Publisher: Google Fonts
  • Availability: Download Kavivanar here

Sometimes used in educational materials, such as worksheets, lesson plans, and classroom resources, they can make learning materials more engaging and visually appealing, particularly for younger students.

This is a great choice for scrapbooking and journaling enthusiasts who want to add a personal touch to their projects. They can be used for journal entries, captions, and decorative elements to enhance the overall aesthetic of the pages.

5. Halimun


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Handwritten fonts offer versatility and flexibility in design, allowing creators to convey emotion, personality, and style across a wide range of projects and mediums. Whether used sparingly for emphasis or as the primary focal point, handwritten fonts add depth and visual interest to any design composition.

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