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How to Save Only One Page of a PDF

In this step by step guide, we will explore how to save only one page of a PDF without altering the original PDF file's contents.
How to Save Only One Page of a PDF

Working with PDFs often involves extracting specific pages for various purposes. When you are dealing with a bulky file but only want to print one section or a certain page, you can use our reliable software to extract it from the larger document. 


Whether you need to share a single page with a colleague, include it in a presentation, or print it separately, knowing how to perform this process on an original PDF document can be an essential step.

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Using PDF Reader Pro to Extract a Page

PDF Reader Pro is a versatile tool that offers a straightforward way to save individual pages from a PDF document. Follow these steps:

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Step 1: Open the PDF Document in PDF Reader Pro

Click the "Open File" button or drag and drop your document from the file folder. 


Step 2: Click "Page Edit" from the Menu

Navigate to the page you want to save and right-click on it.


Step 3: Choose "Extract" from the Options

Name and save your file in the pop-up window.


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Whether you prefer desktop software like PDF Reader Pro or opt for online PDF tools, extracting a single page allows you to streamline your workflow and focus on the specific content you need.


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