How to Compare Two PDF Files on Mac

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At times you may need to read two PDF documents simultaneously to compare contents, copy text, make reviews or even to proofread an important document. Whatever the issue is, with PDF Reader Pro for Mac, you’ve got two easy ways to achieve it. You can allow two windows to be opened at the same time or use the Split View feature, all it takes is just a few clicks. Read with PDF Reader Pro For Free Today.


1. Compare PDF Files in Multi Windows

2. Compare PDF Files Using Split View

1. Compare PDF Files in Multi Windows 


PDF Reader Pro acts as a multi-tab viewer for PDF reading, but what you may not know is that you can enable multi window mode if you want to compare files and review documents more efficiently, without having to switch back-and-forth between tabs. The steps are as follows:


When you open 2 PDF files at once, they will automatically display in different tabs but same window, right click one of the document tabs and choose ”Move Tab to New Window”, then you can adjust the window size and position to make it perfect for content comparison.


compare pdf




2. Compare PDF Files Using Split View


Alternatively, if you want to view different files or different pages of one PDF in the same tab, PDF Reader Pro is ready to lend a hand, and it is a more convenient and advanced method to compare your files.


To do this, simply click Page Display > Split View when reading, then choose whether you want it to be side-by-side or top-and-bottom and select the file that you need to compare or review. Similarly, you can drag the division line freely to meet your demands.




split view



As you can see, comparing two PDF files will never be a tough task with the help of PDF Reader Pro. And of course, there are other PDF tools in the market that you can take advantage of, to name a few, Aspose and Draftable are some kind of online tools that handle the comparison task automatically, you can easily compare two versions of a PDF document and view the difference clearly.



All the above mentioned applications including PDF Reader Pro will help you to solve the problem of comparing PDF documents. However, many of the online tools cannot edit the PDF file directly after comparison. If you have to add comments or edit the text, you need the all-in-one PDF software like PDF Reader Pro.


PDF Reader Pro is not only a great PDF comparison tool, but also acts as a powerful PDF reader, annotator, editor and converter. You can easily read PDFs as you like, annotate with all the advanced commenting tools, edit pages or text in PDFs, convert PDF to Word, Excel, PPT, Text, image and more. Free download and get free trial to enjoy the complete PDF solution with PDF Reader Pro on all platforms.


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