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Mon. 13 Jun. 20226003

After our ComPDFKit got on our official website, we received a huge amount of letters for more detailed information. Let me say “thanks!” to all of our users and supporters first. I’m going to tell you the great news about ComPDFKit — We have migrated our ComPDFKit to a new website

What and Why?

Actually, there are a number of bad influences to migrating a web page especially after getting plenty of feedback and followers. However, in the long run, it’s a good choice.

Enable providing you with more professional information and guidance. We set up a website for each product. If you are interested in our ComPDFKit or PDF Reader Pro, then you can look through their own website to learn more. Many websites have an extremely complex and disordered structure because they want to display all kinds of their products. When you get into their website, you would be confused and get lost. So, we try to show our users a simple and well-structured website and provide more information about the product you are interested in.

Enable making different development plans. Every product is different, including what customers want to see about the product, and what we need to display. Sometimes, we may give our users some festival surprises at different times. If we don’t have an independent website, we may disturb the other users who don’t need the benefits we are giving.

That’s why we choose to migrate our ComPDFKit to a new domain. Now let’s make it clear about what’s ComPDFKit.

What is ComPDFKit?

ComPDFKit is a software development kit that can be integrated into your application. ComPDFKit provides lots of PDF functions on all platforms. Here are the key features of our SDK, you can connect to our website to learn more.

Key Features

    -    Viewer — Provide a strong rendering engine with a wide range of advanced features.

    -    Annotations — Crack open PDF annotations to add, edit, import, and export all types of PDF markings.

    -    Forms — Create, edit, flatten, and print form fields with ease.

    -    Document editor — Organize and manage PDFs quickly to support workflows.

    -    Security — Offer various ways to protect PDF documents.

Advanced Features

    -    Conversion

    -    OCR

    -    Redaction

    -    Digital Signatures

    -    Smart Forms

    -    Text Search & Selection

    -    Images & Pages Extraction 

    -    Watermark

What's the Change?

You may be curious about what our original and new websites will look like after the migration. The Original Site will remove the part of “ComPDFKit”, but we wouldn’t do that immediately. That is to say, you can also find ComPDFKit on our original site. For further information, you have to click and turn to our new one. Here is a summary of what our new website displays.

  • Products: ComPDFKit PDF SDK & ComPDFKit Conversion SDK

  • Documentation: Developer Guides for Mac, iOS, Windows, Android

  • Blog: Blogs for our SDK

  • Pricing: You can ask our sales for more information about pricing

  • Tech Support: You can contact us for support of SDK technologies

We Are Here for You!

Like our well-defined website structure, our team has different parts to give customers and users the best support and service. We will continuously improve our functionality, upgrade versions, and post the knowledge about PDF on both new and original websites. The difference is that we will keep posting the insights and tips on PDF SDK technologies. You are always welcome if you have any questions or suggestions. The team of  PDF Technologies, Inc. is here with you, 24/7.


Thank all of you for your support again. If you are interested in our products, the website links are below. Feel free to contact us.


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