7 Great Work-From-Home Jobs of 2021

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As the COVID-19 broke through, most people were forced to stay at home because of quarantine, lockdown or self-imposed isolation. Not only has our lifestyle been changed during this time, but the working style has also been influenced a lot.

According to a survey conducted by Upwork of 1,500 hiring managers, 61.9% of the companies are planning to offer more remote work in the post-covid period and in the following years to come. As for employees, the data from a survey by slack of 9,000 workers in six countries suggests that 72% prefer a hybrid remote-office model. The pandemic has broken through the cultural and technological barriers for remote work, accelerating the shift to work-from-home. 


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Although remote work is the trend, work-from-home opportunities are various from industry to industry, since some jobs require collaborating with others or using specific machinery. In this passage, some great work-from-home jobs in great demand will be selected. We'll guide you through a detailed journey of these jobs, and discover their duties and requirements.

7 Great Work-From-Home Jobs 

1. Content Creator

2. UX Researcher

3. Full-Stack Engineer

4. Business Analyst

5. Growth Marketer

6. Telehealth Nurse

7. Customer Support Representative

1. Content Creator

Contents are literally everywhere. We are bombarded with a sea of information in our daily life. Every piece of information we receive across any platform or channel, such as the blogs we read on the go, the short videos we watch in our leisure time, the new posts from influencers we follow, and the digital newspaper we read, are contents created by various content providers.


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The core of a content creator is creation, therefore it doesn't matter for a content creator where and at what time they work. The produced content can be in various formats, such as video filming, text, audio, podcast, tweets and so on. Depending on the content format, content creators can choose appropriate tools and applications, for example PDF Reader Pro and Filmage Screen, for improving productivity.


Being a content creator is easy, however, making it a real career is another thing. A skilled and successful content creator needs to always stay current, know your audience, be good at storytelling and expressing ideas, and understand marketing and brand.

2. UX Designer

UX researcher is a position involving psychology, business, technology, design, creativity and marketing. The objectives are to build design strategies, establish key product interactions, create conceptual prototypes, keep technology updated, and ensure that products follow trends. In a word, UX Designer focuses on the interaction between products and users.


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A UX researcher should excel in communicating visually, verbally and in the written word. They can work with experienced designers and product managers. If you are a curious person and enjoy working with a team, UX researcher would be a good fit for you.

3. Full-Stack Engineer

A prime field of remote work is technology, as more technology companies are moving their positions from office to flexible or remote roles. It's no wonder that being a full-stack engineer could be a great remote work experience.


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A full-stack engineer needs to work with both the front and back ends of a web or an application. What's more, they need to know how these two pieces communicate and integrate together. Because of the all-round skills and knowledge of a full-stack engineer master, they can get a project done from beginning to end. If you are in a STEM major and love computer programming, this high-paid and in-demand job is a must-try for you.

4. Business Analyst

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there will be a growing demand for various types of business analysts in the next ten years, the share is expected to rise from 7% to 27%


A business analyst works closely with stakeholders of companies to identify the goals, find out best practices, evaluate the current and future business data to help improve the decision-making process. As a business analyst, it's necessary to understand both business and technical sides of things, so as to translate technical jargon to something that project managers can understand, and describe organization-specific lingos in a way that computer programmers can comprehend.


5. Growth Marketer

After the book Hacking Growth by Sean Ellis was published, the term "Growth Hacking" went viral in advertising and marketing fields. Since then, an occupation with the title growth marketer is in the public eye. 


Unlike traditional marketing, growth marketing uses a large number of technologies and strategies to quickly and efficiently achieve user growth, thereby improving corporate profitability. A qualified growth marketer needs to have good data analysis ability, understanding of testing, creativity to achieve user growth, efficient and clear communication skills. Besides, knowing how to use project management applications and productivity tools are also important for growth marketers.

6. Telehealth Nurse

The definition of telehealth nurse is conducting nursing and delivering care remotely through the use of telemedicine and technology. The rise of this demand is because some patients are in need of specialized care but have no access to specialists. Through communicating with telehealth nurses via video calls, phone calls or emails, patients can get to know if they need to make an in-person appointment or seek further emergency care.



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To become a telehealth nurse, you need to attend a nursing school, gain relevant medical care experience, pass examinations and get the certification. Despite the long-distance, patients can get high-quality care right away.  The telehealth-related occupations are a great supplement to traditional healthcare. It's not only beneficial to patients but also helps the medical system. The demand for remote and online health care has continued to be sought after in the post-covid time, and the jobs as telehealth nurses are on the rise well into the future.

7. Customer Support Representative

Customer support is a leading category of remote work, in which you can find quite a lot of related positions in large or small companies in almost every industry. During the pandemic lockdowns, people can only turn to online shopping, bringing a bump in the already growing E-Commerce sector. Therefore, it came as no surprise that the demand for remote customer support representatives spiked.


Companies need customer support representatives to field customer questions, complaints and concerns, and give customers information about products or services. Thus, employees in this job are expected to have good communication and problem-solving skills. 


The specific job tasks may vary depending on where you work. If you don't have much working experience and are looking for entry-level remote work, customer support representatives might be a good option for you.


As you can see. The working style has been continuously reformed by technology development, and special events will somehow accelerate the process. The new model of work can be beneficial not only for employees but also for employers. For employees, they will gain more flexibility and achieve work-life-balance, for companies, they gain more profits due to the growing productivity of workers.


Besides, no matter which working model you prefer, on-site work, remote work or hybrid work, and no matter in which industry you are, the mixed working style is here to stay at least for the next few years. The only thing we can do when facing changes is to embrace them and equip us with new knowledge and technology.

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