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We all have encountered this situation: looking for a type of application to solve a specific problem but have no idea which one to choose since there are hundreds of relevant solutions out there. And only with the product information which the vendors show us, it’s difficult to tell if that product meets all your expectations. Then questions like this will arise in our head: 

  • Is the App free or paid? 

  • Does it have all the functionalities that I need? 

  • What are the requirements for installing? 

  • Are there pop-up ads in the app? 

  • ……

To know the answers to questions like these, we don’t need to download the app and experience it personally. A simpler way is to check out reviews from other users, as the most authentic opinions of a product come from someone who has used it. 

In this background, we would like to look at some of the real reviews from users of PDF Reader Pro. For users who don’t know much about our product, it’s a good way for them to get an overall understanding of it. Besides, it’s also helpful for us to know our product from the users’ perspective. In this passage, we’ll walk you through the real opinions and feedback from users.


PDF Reader Pro Reviews, Ratings and Details

1. Overall Performance Reviews

2. Aspects Users Found Amazing

3. Aspects Users Found Need To Be Improved


Overall Performance Reviews

Before we dive into the authentic and detailed reviews from users, we could take a look at the overall ratings PDF Reader Pro has got in various app stores and review websites. 

In general, PDF Reader Pro was given an average 4+ on all platforms. Besides the decent scores in Mac, Windows, iOS and Android market, PDF Reader Pro has also been recommended by reputed software review platforms several times:

  • Capterra: The Emerging Favorite in 2021

  • Machow2: One of the 5 Best PDF Readers & Editors

  • Best Educational App Store: One of the best PDF Reader applications

  • FinanceOnline: The Rising Star and Premium Usability in 2019 


overall rating


Aspects Users found Amazing

1. Rich Features

Files in PDF formats can be found everywhere. No matter if it's an ebook, a contract, a questionnaire or an essay, it can exist as a PDF file. As a result of that, you may need to deal with your PDF files for different purposes, which means you need to execute various file processing operations. In this situation, a feature-rich PDF editor can be very effective. Here is what users say about the rich features in PDF Reader Pro:

"The ease of use and how friendly it's with the user, and of course the amount of features it gives."  

—— James, Manager Accounts


"PDF Reader Pro has it all, you can delete other apps with the same feature since this software has all the features you need from converting files, sharing, making documents, everything you want in just ONE APP. Ideal software if you have a low storage in your device and also high quality features."  

—— Vivek M, Consultant in Marketing and Advertising


"PDF Reader Pro provides exciting services to its users free of cost but when you get their paid version you can access all its useful tools and features."  

—— ST, Engineering & Computer Science Student


As the users’ comments, PDF Reader Pro provides functions like PDF reading, editing, format converting, file merging, filling a form, signing, watermark, page editing all in one. In this way, you can do almost everything in regards to files processing all within the same product. 


2. Read & Edit PDFs

Reading and editing PDFs are the basic functions of a PDF application. Whereas, not all software has done well on these very fundamental needs for users. Here are the impressions that the reading and editing tools of PDF Reader Pro have left its users:

"The best thing about this is that we can read, edit and save the file which makes the work easier and very fast."  

—— QJ, User in Information Technology and Services


"I love this app, with it I can read everything, from books to documents, on my lap, ipad or cell phone."  

—— Amit C, Technical Recruiter


"It's the best PDF reader anyone can ask for, very easy to sign documents, very easy to edit documents. I would say to use it for sure and its cheap too."  

—— Oscar J, security engineer


"During meetings, it is easy to use the program to add comments, highlight part of text and write notes. You can also move items around if you need to."  

—— Zachary M, Student


"This app allows me to edit files, annotate documents and make it easier to share files with my workmates and friends."  

—— Rose A, Senior Brand Manager




PDF Reader Pro has stuck to provide users with the best reading and editing experience. Only based on that, can we develop more advanced functionalities for our users.


3. Convert Files to and from PDFs

Format converting is essential for a PDF application. This function would be very useful, especially when you need to work with different types of documents. Here are the comments from users who benefit from the format converting tool of PDF Reader Pro:

"You can convert your documents in different formats like JPEG, Word and excel and also edit them as per your requirement."  

—— Aman G, User Experience Designer


"The software is easily downloaded from the internet and works with a variety of platforms. You can save your documents in a variety of formats, including JPEG, Word, and Excel, and edit them as needed."  

—— Kerstin B, Business Development Executive


"I work with a lot of research papers and this reader pro helps me in getting the information from any document. We can create a word out of PDF, convert any word to PDF."  

—— Tierra L, Technical Specialist


"My favourite part is that it can convert pdf documents to excel and word. That for me is a life-changing tool that saves me a ton of time."  

—— User in Financial Services


pdf to office

PDF Reader Pro allows file conversion between various formats, such as PDF to Excel, Word, PowerPoint, PDF to image, Image to PDF, etc. With the simple operation and batch processing, you can convert your files to your desired format within a few seconds, which will not only save your time but also provides you with great flexibility.


4. Fill & Sign PDFs 

Filling forms and signing documents are very common scenarios in the workspace and business world, such as filling out and signing a PDF contract, questionnaire, or tax form on a desktop or mobile device. Thus, you may wonder how users would feel about the filling and signing tool:

"I like the fact that it has features of combining multiple PDFs into one, and it allows me to make a signature on documents without a hassle."  

—— User in Telecommunications


"I specifically love the feature that allows one to sign on documents. It makes it easy for me to just sign forms instead of having to print them out."  

—— Caroline M, Web Developer


"It allows the personalization of documents, through digital signatures. You can create interactive forms without many complications and quickly."  

—— Arielle R, Freelance Graphic Designer


"The edits look natural and do not hurt the aesthetic of the form. PDF Reader Pro also supports e-signatures and the extra convenience often comes in handy."  

—— Paul K, Manager - National Audit Solutions


fill & sign PDFs

The easy filling & signing function of PDF Reader Pro can provide users with time-saving convenience, helping you delight your customers and partners with an intuitive form filling and signing experience. 


5. PDF Document and Page Manager 

Besides editing content in PDF files, managing files is also in high demand. Here is what users have experienced in PDF Reader Pro regarding file management:

"By the help of PDF Reader Pro you can easily manage large documents having huge numbers of pages, combine documents, remove text and also sign pages. In short, I strongly recommend the use of this incredible software."  

—— Julie B, Commercial Director


"PDF Reader Pro is an excellent tool for managing your PDF documents."

—— Guillermo P, User in Education Management


"This tool makes document management easy, in terms of searching, sorting, editing and many more useful functions as offered in this all important tool."  

—— Ming F, Associate Director 


"I do use PDF Reader Pro mostly for document management. I found PDF file edit, extract, joining is so easy that you don't need to go to any big brand."  

—— User in Information Technology and Services


There are quite a lot of tools you can use in PDF Reader Pro to manage your files. No matter if you want to edit files, combine multiple files into a new one, compress files for easy sharing, or add watermark, header or footers to your documents, you will find it easy to realize all you want relating to filing management. The high effectiveness of file management functions helps you to be more productive.



Aspects Users Found Need To Be Improved

1. Size Issues

The issue relating to filing sizes matters, as large and heavy files would always slow opening speed, affect reading and editing operations, or cause troubles when sharing files with others. 

"Adding minor text notes to a file also significantly increases the file size. This is sporadic, so I don't know the cause."  

—— Javier P, Accountant


 "If you add a note to a PDF it often exponentially increases the file size. For example, opening a 1 MB PDF and adding a note like "PAID 2021-01-20" will increase the PDF size to about 1.8 MB. That is a total waste of computer storage."  

—— Rahul T, CAD Engineer


"When sending emails. With larger size files when sending them using Microsoft Edge the files seem to crash."  

—— Mukul S, Business Planner


After receiving this feedback from customers, PDF Reader Pro has improved its performance regarding this kind of issue. Now, with the upgrade viewing and rendering engine, better annotation tools and compress function, users can rest assured to work with files of different sizes.


2. Scanning and Printing Issues

PDF files can be created by scanning. That’s when users need the scanning tool in a PDF application. After finishing the operations on digital files, we may then need to get the paper version of them. That’s why printing is also a matter of concern for many users.

"You need an add-on to print documents. For me, this doesn't make sense when the program's purpose is to handle pdf files."  

—— Thomas W, Pharmacy Manager


"The scanning feature is not the best. Hopefully, future upgrades will improve that."  

—— User in Telecommunications


"The scanning is very inconsistent with the clarity. The pictures in the light come out really good but the scanning with flash on is not at its best. there are great apps for that."  

—— Subhashree T, Senior Finance Analyst


"Sometimes I experience difficulty in printing and saving documents and it takes a few tries. However, it usually fixes itself."  

—— Yogesh C, Senior Developer


Printing and scanning problems may occur sometimes. As the result of different devices, OS versions and files, the solutions to these problems may not be consistent and need to take into account individual situations. Whereas, we are trying our best to work on these problems and have made improvements with every published updated version. 


3. Desired Functions

It is impossible that an application can meet the needs of every user. What developers can do is keep listening to the opinions of users, and then make progress step by step. Users of PDF Reader Pro have made much useful feedback to us as below:

"You can't delete multiple pages in a PDF by identifying a range. You must delete pages individually."  

—— Ashton S, Project Manager


"You can't rotate all the pages in a PDF at one time by clicking on them all and using the rotate button. You need to rotate them individually."  

—— User in Automotive


"I use this to merge files, which works well, once I figured out how. But, and this is annoying, I haven’t been able to specify the order of the files to be merged. No matter what I try I can't change the order of files."  

—— Hao Z, Account Manager


"I didn't find a cloud service included which is one of the important features it should include."

—— User in Construction


We treasure the user feedback because they are the motivation for us to keep on making improvements and bring users a better experience. We would always take advice from users and consider if it can be realized shortly. Thus, most desired functions mentioned above like deleting multiple pages, rotating all pages at the same time, specifying order when merging files, are already available in the new versions of PDF Reader Pro. 



In a word, customer reviews and feedback have always been the core motivation for PDF Reader Pro to keep on getting better. We sincerely hope that through our product, you can feel at ease when dealing with files and live a productive life. We are always happy to hear from you, just get in touch with us at email [email protected], or through Facebook or Twitter.


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