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PDF Reader Pro Reviews and Ratings Roundup

We've got a summary of a glowing selection of PDF Reader Pro reviews and ratings. Here you can find a great roundup of PDF Reader Pro's customer feedback.
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Navigating the vast ocean of apps can feel like a daunting task. You're on a mission to find that perfect solution, yet with hundreds of options at your fingertips, how do you decide?

Relying solely on the information provided by the vendors can sometimes leave you with more questions than answers. You might wonder:

  • Is the app free or does it come at a price?

  • Will it cater to all my specific needs?

  • What hurdles will I face during installation?

  • Will my experience be marred by intrusive ads?

Given this context, let's dive into some candid feedback from PDF Reader Pro users. For those unfamiliar with what we offer, this is your chance to gain a holistic view of our product.

Moreover, getting to know our tool through the lens of its users can be incredibly enlightening. Join us as we unpack the genuine experiences and feedback from our community.

1. Overall Performance Reviews

2. Aspects Users Found Amazing

3. Aspects Users Found Need To Be Improved

Overall Performance Reviews

Before we delve deep into the firsthand experiences shared by our users, let's take a moment to assess the overall reception of PDF Reader Pro across different platforms and review websites.

With a consistent average rating of over 4 stars, PDF Reader Pro has established its footprint firmly across various ecosystems. Whether you're browsing the Mac, Windows, iOS, or Android stores, you'll notice our software consistently shines.

Additionally, it's not just the users who appreciate our tool - renowned software review platforms have frequently spotlighted PDF Reader Pro, endorsing its capabilities and performance:

  • Capterra: The Emerging Favorite in 2021

  • Machow2: One of the 5 Best PDF Readers & Editors

  • Best Educational App Store: One of the best PDF Reader applications

  • FinanceOnline: The Rising Star and Premium Usability in 2019 

overall rating

Aspects Users Found Amazing

1. Rich Features

PDF files are ubiquitous. Be it an ebook, a formal contract, a survey, or a scholarly essay, the chances are high that you've encountered them in the PDF format. This prevalence means that, more often than not, you'll find yourself juggling PDFs for myriad reasons, necessitating a plethora of file-processing tasks. In such scenarios, a tool equipped with a gamut of features can be your best ally.

Let's see what our users have to say about the extensive capabilities of PDF Reader Pro:

"The ease of use and how friendly it's with the user, and of course the amount of features it gives."  

—— James, Manager Accounts


"PDF reader Pro has it all; you can delete other apps with the same feature since this software has all the features you need, from converting files, sharing, making documents, and everything you want in just ONE APP. Ideal software if your device has low storage and high-quality features."  

—— Vivek M, Consultant in Marketing and Advertising

"PDF Reader Pro provides exciting services to its users free of cost, but when you get their paid version, you can access all its useful tools and features."  

—— ST, Engineering & Computer Science Student

Per the users' comments, PDF Reader Pro provides functions like PDF reading, editing, format converting, file merging, filling a form, signing, watermarking, and page editing. This way, you can do almost everything regarding file processing within the same product. 

2. Read & Edit PDFs

Any PDF application's core lies in the ability to read and edit PDFs. While these might seem basic, not every software nails these foundational user necessities. Let's explore the feedback from users who've experienced the reading and editing prowess of PDF Reader Pro firsthand:


"The best thing about this is that we can read, edit, and save the file, making the work easier and very fast."  

—— QJ, User in Information Technology and Services


"I love this app; with it, I can read everything, from books to documents, on my lap, iPad, or cell phone."  

—— Amit C, Technical Recruiter


"It's the best PDF reader anyone can ask for, elementary to sign and edit documents. I would say to use it for sure, and it's cheap too."  

—— Oscar J, security engineer


"During meetings, it is easy to use the program to add comments, highlight part of text, and write notes. You can also move items around if you need to."  

—— Zachary M, Student


"This app allows me to edit files, annotate documents, and make sharing files with my workmates and friends easier."  

—— Rose A, Senior Brand Manager

PDF Reader Pro remains committed to delivering a top-notch reading and editing experience for its users. With this solid foundation in place, we're poised to expand and introduce even more advanced features to cater to our users' evolving needs.

3. Convert Files to and from PDFs

The ability to convert formats is a cornerstone for any robust PDF application. Such functionality becomes indispensable, particularly when dealing with a diverse range of document types. Let's delve into the feedback from users who've leveraged the format-conversion prowess of PDF Reader Pro:

"You can convert your documents in different formats like JPEG, Word, and Excel and edit them as required."  

—— Aman G, User Experience Designer


"The software is easily downloaded from the internet and works with various platforms. You can save your documents in various formats, including JPEG, Word, and Excel, and edit them as needed."  

—— Kerstin B, Business Development Executive


"I work with many research papers, and this reader pro helps me get the information from any document. We can create a word out of PDF, convert any word to PDF."  

—— Tierra L, Technical Specialist


"My favorite part is that it can convert PDF documents to Excel and Word. That is a life-changing tool that saves me a ton of time."  

—— User in Financial Services

PDF Reader Pro streamlines file conversions across a spectrum of formats, including but not limited to PDF to Excel, Word, and PowerPoint, and conversions like PDF to image and Image to PDF.

Thanks to its intuitive interface and batch-processing capabilities, it takes seconds to transform your files into your preferred format. This enhances your efficiency and offers unparalleled versatility in handling documents.

4. Fill & Sign PDFs 

In the professional realm, actions like filling out forms and appending signatures to documents are almost daily occurrences. Whether it's sealing the deal with a PDF contract, responding to a questionnaire, or submitting a tax form—these tasks can arise on any device, be it desktop or mobile. Given this significance, you might be curious about user reactions to PDF Reader Pro's form-filling and signing capabilities:

"I like the fact that it has features of combining multiple PDFs into one, and it allows me to make a signature on documents without a hassle."  

—— User in Telecommunications


"I specifically love the feature that allows one to sign on documents. It makes it easy for me to sign forms instead of printing them out."  

—— Caroline M, Web Developer


"It allows the personalization of documents through digital signatures. You can create interactive forms without many complications and quickly."  

—— Arielle R, Freelance Graphic Designer


"The edits look natural and do not hurt the aesthetic of the form. PDF Reader Pro also supports e-signatures, and the extra convenience often comes in handy."  

—— Paul K, Manager - National Audit Solutions


PDF Reader Pro's seamless form-filling and signing feature offers users a hassle-free and efficient experience. It's designed to expedite processes, ensuring that you can impress clients and partners with a smooth and user-friendly document interaction.

5. PDF Document and Page Manager 

Beyond the realm of editing content within PDFs, effective file management is a pivotal necessity. Let's dive into user feedback to uncover their experiences with PDF Reader Pro's file management capabilities:

"With the help of PDF Reader Pro, you can easily manage large documents with huge numbers of pages, combine documents, remove text, and sign pages. In short, I strongly recommend the use of this incredible software."  

—— Julie B, Commercial Director


"PDF Reader Pro is an excellent tool for managing your PDF documents."

—— Guillermo P, User in Education Management


"This tool makes document management easy, in terms of searching, sorting, editing, and many more useful functions as offered in this all-important tool."  

—— Ming F, Associate Director 


"I do use PDF Reader Pro mostly for document management. I found PDF file editing, extract, and joining is so easy that you don't need to go to any big brand."  

—— User in Information Technology and Services


PDF Reader Pro is equipped with a diverse suite of tools designed to streamline your file management needs. From editing documents, merging several files into a singular cohesive unit, compressing files for seamless sharing, to appending watermarks, headers, or footers – every task is a breeze.

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The platform's efficiency in handling file management tasks is a testament to its design, enabling you to elevate your productivity to new heights.

Aspects Users Found Need To Be Improved

1. Size Issues

File size can indeed be a critical concern. Bulky files often hinder swift opening, impede reading and editing processes, and can pose challenges when it comes to sharing with colleagues or clients. Addressing these large file sizes is essential for smoother operations and enhanced user experience.

"Adding minor text notes to a file also significantly increases the file size. This is sporadic, so I don't know the cause."  

—— Javier P, Accountant


 "Adding a note to a PDF often exponentially increases the file size. For example, opening a 1 MB PDF and adding a note like "PAID 2021-01-20" will increase the PDF size to about 1.8 MB. That is a total waste of computer storage."  

—— Rahul T, CAD Engineer


"When sending emails. With larger size files, when sending them using Microsoft Edge, the files seem to crash."  

—— Mukul S, Business Planner


Listening to our users has always been paramount. In response to their valuable feedback, PDF Reader Pro has fine-tuned its capabilities concerning file size issues. By enhancing our viewing and rendering engine, refining annotation tools, and introducing an optimized compression feature, we've ensured that users can confidently handle documents of varying sizes without compromising on performance or efficiency.

2. Scanning and Printing Issues

Scanning often serves as the bridge between the physical and digital realms, giving rise to PDF files. This underscores the importance of a reliable scanning tool in any PDF application.

Conversely, after working on and finalizing digital files, there are moments when a tangible, paper version is necessary. This is where the printing functionality comes into play, emphasizing its significance for many users.

"You need an add-on to print documents. This doesn't make sense to me when the program aims to handle pdf files."  

—— Thomas W, Pharmacy Manager


"The scanning feature is not the best. Hopefully, future upgrades will improve that."  

—— User in Telecommunications


"The scanning is very inconsistent with the clarity. The pictures in the light come out good, but the flash-on scanning is not at its best. There are great apps for that."  

—— Subhashree T, Senior Finance Analyst


"Sometimes, I experience difficulty printing and saving documents, which takes a few tries. However, it usually fixes itself."  

—— Yogesh C, Senior Developer


Printing and scanning can sometimes be fraught with challenges, especially given the diversity of devices, operating systems, and file types involved. Addressing these issues often requires tailored solutions, taking into account the unique circumstances of each situation.

At PDF Reader Pro, we're acutely aware of these complexities and are continuously refining our software. With each updated release, we strive to iron out these wrinkles, ensuring a smoother user experience across the board.

3. Desired Functions

No application can be a one-size-fits-all solution. The key lies in developers actively tuning in to users' feedback and iteratively enhancing the product. Our users at PDF Reader Pro have been invaluable in this journey, providing insights that have shaped our trajectory. Here's a glimpse into some of the constructive feedback we've received:

"You can't delete multiple pages in a PDF by identifying a range. You must delete pages individually."  

—— Ashton S, Project Manager


"You can't rotate all the pages in a PDF at one time by clicking on them all and using the rotate button. You need to rotate them individually."  

—— User in Automotive


"I use this to merge files, which works well once I figure out how. But this isn't very pleasant, so I haven't been able to specify the order of the files to be merged. No matter what I try, I can't change the order of files."  

—— Hao Z, Account Manager


"I didn't find a cloud service included, which is one of the important features it should include."

—— User in Construction


We treasure the user feedback because it motivates us to improve and give users a better experience. We would always take advice from users and consider if it can be realized shortly. Thus, most desired functions mentioned above, like deleting multiple pages, rotating all pages simultaneously, and specifying order when merging files, are already available in the new versions of PDF Reader Pro. 



Customer reviews and feedback have always been the core motivation for improving PDF Reader Pro. We sincerely hope that through our product, you can feel at ease when dealing with files and live a productive life. We are always happy to hear from you; contact us at email [email protected] or Facebook or Twitter.

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