Top Picks for Free Resume Templates for 2023

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Resume contains a collection of your personal information and achievements. Resume usually consists of only one page, but there are also those that consist of several pages depending on the number of achievements and work experience. However, a resume with many pages is not necessarily better than a resume with only one page. Whether a resume is good or bad depends on how it is written and how relevant the information contained in it is.


You want to describe yourself as clearly as possible through a resume. You want your resume to stand out as much as possible so that it can be easily remembered by headhunters. Your resume must contain relevant content coupled with good writing with attractive visuals. You may be confused and do not know how to write a unique resume. Here is one free resume template from PDF Reader Pro for you. 


In this article, we've provided some fantastic resume builders that will help you make your work experience and accomplishments stand out in your resume. Check them out! Try Them For Free Today.


  1. Zety - Expert Resume Writing Tips

  2. Wepik - Aesthetically Pleasing Resume Templates

  3. My Perfect Resume - Best Guided Resume Tips

  4. Canva - Express Yourself Through Your Resume

  5. PDF Reader Pro - Edit Resume on the Go


  1. Zety - Expert Resume Writing Tips

If you are still confused about how to write an attractive template, then Zety is the right choice. Zety is a powerful online resume builder. You just need to enter your information and voila! You've got yourself a resume. This tool is free, but you have to create an online account.


- Key Points:

Zety is the best resume builder for those of you who need special assistance in writing a resume. It guides you through each step of creating your resume content, gives you tips and pointers, and also ensures your resume fits your needs. However, you can only download .txt files for free and have to pay extra to download other file formats.


  1. Wepik - Aesthetically Pleasing Resume Templates

If you want a visually pleasing resume with attractive graphic elements but you don't know how to make one, then Wepik is a perfect choice. With Wepik, you can create documents with the most professional visuals easily. All you have to do is choose a template that suits your needs, replace the template with your information, insert a photo if needed, and download it. In just a matter of minutes, you get a visually appealing and modern resume.


- Key points:

Wepik is a resume builder that is suitable for those of you who want to create a resume with professional visual graphics. Wepik provides thousands of ready-to-use templates that are free to download without having to enter any account. Users can also access premium features such as online editors, libraries of images, fonts, and graphic elements, all of which can be accessed free of charge.


  1. My Perfect Resume - Best Guided Resume Tips

With My Perfect Resume, you can create a new resume or upload and edit an existing one. In addition, this tool provides you with advanced recommendations in the middle of your resume editing process. My Perfect Resume is perfect if you want to include accomplishments, affiliations, and certifications. These contents are important especially if you are just starting to look for work or want to change direction. When you finish modifying your resume, click "Download" on the left toolbar and select the .txt format to download your resume for free.


- Key points:

My Perfect Resume is perfect if you're looking for one-stop help when writing a resume. This tool gives you suggestions for templates according to your work experience level. In addition, it also provides recommendations for skills that you can include based on the position you choose. However, this tool has limited templates and simple graphical visuals.


  1. Canva - Express Yourself Through Your Resume

Canva is well known as a creative platform providing thousands of templates for visual content such as posters, advertisements, as well as resumes. With Canva, you are unrestricted and can express yourself freely through your resume. The choice of resume templates that Canva provides is wide and varied, and you are guaranteed to find one you like. Templates in Canva are categorized by different banks of keywords which makes you able to quickly find a template that suits you.


- Key points:

Canva is a haven for those who love to express themselves through design creativity. While Canva isn't designed specifically as a resume builder, it does offer a wide variety of templates, and you're not limited to reducing or adding the elements you want to your resume.


  1. PDF Reader Pro - Edit Resume on the Go

Download PDF Reader Pro free resume template here. You can either fill in your information online or download it first and fill the information later. With the template provided by PDF Reader Pro, you will get easy-to-understand suggestions on what to include in your resume. 


PDF Reader Pro is also a powerful PDF editing tool. It is suitable for those who need to edit or change your resume. Resume mostly comes as a PDF document or an image. With PDF Reader Pro, you can still edit your resume without having to make a new one. You can edit its content, directly adding images, signature, or stamp. With just a few clicks, you can get a resume that fits your needs.


- Key points:

PDF Reader Pro provides a simple and easy to understand and is accompanied by brief guidance in each section. With PDF Reader Pro, you are able to edit your resume directly in any format (PDF, JPG, Office). You can edit the contents of your resume anytime easily with your devices. 


  1. Criteria to an Excellent Resume

What is the definition of a good and attractive resume? Here are some criteria you can use to determine whether your resume is attractive or not.

1. Easy for recruiters to understand.

2. Formatted to highlight important information from the candidate (be sure to include professional summary, objectives, work experience, education, specific achievements, skills etc).

3. All of your information fits on one page without compromising quality.

4. Information is arranged in order from the earliest to the most recent.

5. Interesting with or without photos.

-> Which Resume Format is Best? Let's explore it together!


  1. What's the best resume builder?

The best resume builder can only be decided by you depending on your needs. We recommend that you classify your needs before choosing. Whether you want templates that are varied, aesthetically pleasing with graphic designs, simple straightforward templates, or a resume builder that provides tips and advice. If you are still confused, we suggest you try each of the resume builders above. Choose a resume builder that suits your needs and adapts to your personal style. That way you'll be well on your way to getting a second call from the recruiting manager. Click here to download a free resume template from PDF Reader Pro. If you have any problems, feel free to contact us at [email protected].


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