PDF Reader Pro 2022 Review: Achievements and Hopes

Thu. 29 Dec. 20228873 Mins

2022 is about to end. Looking back at 2022, we are delighted that our products have gained increasing support and are trusted by 90m people worldwide. From the United States, China, India, Germany, French to the United Kingdom, we have users from over 200 different countries, becoming one of the most effective tools to improve your productivity in education, legal, construction, and government agencies. Our main products such as PDF Reader Pro has been kept updated in the past year for a perfect document reading and editing experience. Now, let’s take an overview of the achievement we’ve got in 2022.


Achievement in 2022

G2 awarded PDF Reader Pro as one of The High Performers in Fall 2022 and Winter 2023. G2 is the largest and most trusted software marketplace. A large number of users choose the right software and services for their business based on 1,968,200+ authentic, timely reviews from real users, which means the effort we made over the year has been widely recognized by the majority of users. Come and see how people rate PDF Reader Pro from various industries.



“To sum up, keeping the documents organized and confidential is a necessity rather than a choice for me. And watermarking documents is the most cost-effective way. Safeguarding the documents with the right tools such as PDF Reader Pro, makes business run smoothly.”


“PDF Reader Pro offers free services for users, and It allows me to access all the valuable tools and features. The Software is easy to download from the internet and is compatible with various OS. I can edit my document in multiple formats, such as jpeg, word and edit them at discretion. By using PDF Pro, easily oragnise large documents on numerous pages, merge documents.”

- quoted from G2 Review


In addition, GetApp awarded PDF Reader Pro the Category Leaders in PDF in 2022. GetApp provides users with data-driven, tailored recommendations and resources so they can find the right tools for their business with over 1M+ verified reviews from other software users.


“it is easy to use. you only need little time to master the software and use it for your needs. During meetings, it is easy to use the program to add comments, highlight part of text and write notes. You can also move items around if you need to.”


“The software can be easily downloaded from internet and supports multiple OS. You can covert your documents in different formats like JPEG, Word and excel and also edit them as per your requirement. By the help of PDF Reader Pro you can easily manage large documents having huge number of pages, combine documents, remove text and also sign pages. In short i strongly recommend use of this incredible software.”

- quoted from GetAPP Review


New Releases in 2022

- Continuously Updated Features

PDF Reader Pro kept updating every few months to develop more practical functions and enhance the stability and performance for a better operating experience. 


On Mac, we mainly optimize some features such as PDF conversion and OCR to achieve better conversion results. We also add some new functions like extracting tables in PDF and redaction. Recently, we made PDF Reader Pro Mac compatible with macOS Ventura (version 13) to make you work smarter. What’s more, we are always optimizing the features to improve performance and stability with an improved rendering engine.


In addition, we released PDF Reader Pro Windows last year, so we have mainly integrated many advanced features like Form Editing, which allows you to create a fillable form from interactive field objects, such as buttons, radio buttons, combo boxes, check boxes and list boxes. We also add OCR function on Windows so that you can extract text and convert scanned documents into editable, searchable PDFs or TXT files. In July, our new update support Redact a PDF, which means you can remove or black out sensitive content or private information permanently. Recently, we enhanced our editing tools so that you can easily edit image in a PDF. 


Now, whether you are accustomed to working with Windows or Mac, you can enjoy rich and practical functions with PDF Reader Pro! Another good news is that PDF Reader Pro Android is available for free with all features in 2022! Just download it on Android and enjoy the advanced functions! For PDF Reader Pro iOS, annotating and editing tools have also been enhanced to improve working efficiency. 


- Volume License Program Launched (VPP)

In order to satisfy volume purchase needs of our business and educational customers, and simplify their workflows, we launched Volume License Program in 2022. This program is aimed at helping teams or companies who have a high demand for office software, so that they can organize members and devices. Why do we recommend businesses join our Volume Licensing Program? Here is the answer.

  • Customizable software addresses business specific needs more comprehensively

  • Earn significant volume discounts for purchases more licenses

  • High-quality service and technical support to find all solutions to all issues

  • Include all future upgrades for life without extra payment


Throughout this year, we've been improving our products to make them more practical for different industries. We also provide comprehensive and helpful solutions for various industries like education, business, construction, healthcare, etc. 


- More New Business Partnership Model


image source: Pixabay


In a few months ago, PDF Reader Pro officially claimed to have added new partnership programs. You can become an OEM partner or a reseller of PDF Reader Pro.


As an OEM partner, we will provide you with professional and flexible software integration solutions, and assist you in customizing your product to achieve the best results. Therefore, PDF Reader Pro is a good choice if your company's products are also looking for technical support and assistance.


By becoming a reseller of PDF Reader Pro, you can provide your customers with the best all-in-one PDF editor & reader. Simple process. Just fill in the form to contact us, and you can start selling and making profits immediately. Want to become a partner with us? Click on the link to contact us!


- ComPDFKit Released Independently

In addition, ComPDFKit, the professional PDF SDK for developers, has been released independently in 2022! Developers can integrate PDF Annotations, Format Conversion, Digital Signature, Smart Forms, OCR, redaction, and more capabilities on their applications. Our powerful and steady SDK allows developers to bring the functions they want to multi-platform software easily without high development cost, labor and time cost.


- Be Connected with Nice Platforms

In 2022, we have successfully submitted our products to more than 80 software websites. They made a review for our software and recognized our software as a powerful and easy-to-use tool, including lots of famous websites like G2, Sourceforge, Capterra, GetAPP, Trustpilot, etc. And we are still finding more cooperation opportunities.  


Looking Forward To 2023


image source: Pixabay


We’re all looking forward to a better and brighter 2023. We will continuously improve our products in the coming year to ensure efficient productivity and strive to provide more convenient software services for individuals and enterprises. Therefore, apart from the PDF tools, we also offer you Filmage Editor (video editor) and Filmage Screen (screen recorder).


Last but not least, thanks for your support. If you have any problems, feel free to contact us at [email protected]. Wish you all a happy New Year!


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