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How to Convert EPUB to PDF

Find out how to convert EPUB to PDF and ensure you always have full editing control over your professional and personal documents. We've got a quick and easy guide in store.
How to Convert EPUB to PDF

The digital revolution has transformed e-books into a staple of our reading diets, igniting a curiosity for navigating the world of digital book formats for the best reading adventure.


If you've ever found yourself with an EPUB file and can't seem to open it, this guide is for you. You simply can't go wrong with the PDF format. 

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How to Convert EPUB to PDF

Here is our quick and easy guide on converting EPUB to PDFs.

Step 1: Locate an online converting tool that can convert EPUB files to PDF

We recommend using PDF Converter. It is a safe, quick, and completely reliable online tool.  

Step 2: Click on the "Choose eBook File" button

Locate the EPUB file you would like to convert to PDF.

 PDF Converter website showing EPUB to PDF converter
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Step 3: Wait for your file to finish converting

 PDF Converter website showing EPUB to PDF converter processing conversion
Image source: PDF Converter

Step 4: Click on the download icon and acquire your new PDF file

What is an EPUB File?

EPUB, which stands for electronic publication, is a widely used eBook format. EPUB files can be downloaded and enjoyed across various devices, including smartphones, tablets, eReaders, and computers. As a universally accepted eBook standard, EPUB is compatible with a broader range of hardware eBook readers than any other format.


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The most current update, EPUB 3.3, enriches files with the capability to embed videos, audio, and interactive multimedia, making reading a more dynamic experience.

How to Easily Access EPUB Files

EPUB files, widely compatible with numerous devices and apps, can be opened on popular eReaders like B&N Nook, Kobo, and Apple's Books app. For Kindle users, converting EPUBs is simple via EPUB converters or the Send to Kindle app, which also converts files.

Computers can open EPUBs using free programs such as Calibre and Adobe Digital Editions, among others. Mobile users have plenty of app options on both iPhone and Android, and browser extensions like EPUBReader for Firefox and Chrome offer convenient web-based reading.

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Google Play Books allows EPUB uploads for access via its web client. Alternatively, renaming an EPUB file to .zip lets you view its HTML and image contents with a file compression tool, revealing the eBook's structure.

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