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How to Convert PDF to Google Doc

Do you need to find out how to convert PDF to Google Doc? We've got a comprehensive and quick guide for you to work through right here with PDF Reader Pro.
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One particular need arises when we're faced with a PDF document that requires editing or collaboration - tasks that Google Docs supports flawlessly. Whether you're a student working on an assignment, a professional preparing a report, or simply someone who needs to edit a document without altering its formatting, the solution is converting your PDF into a Google Doc.

Today, we're introducing you to the seamless process of this conversion with the help of PDF Reader Pro.

How to Convert PDF to Google Doc

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Step 1: Click on the "PDF to Word" button on the Home Page


Step 2: Select the PDF you would like to convert to a Google Doc

Step 3: Click "Convert" in the pop-up window and save your new Word document

Step 4: Head to your Google Drive > New > File Upload and upload your Word file


Step 5: Once your file finishes uploading, right-click on it and select Open with > Google Docs

How to Convert PDF to Google Doc: Best Practices

Converting a PDF file to a Google Doc involves a process that maintains the integrity of your original file while allowing for easy editing and collaboration. Here, we outline the best practices to ensure an accurate conversion while preserving your PDF documents' original formatting.

  1. Save PDFs to Google Drive: Begin by uploading your PDF documents to Google Drive, the cloud storage service that integrates seamlessly with Google Docs. Utilize the 'New' button, then choose 'File upload' to select your PDF file from your device. This stage is critical for setting the stage for the rest of the conversion process.

  2. Open with Google Docs: Once your file upload is complete, locate your PDF file in Google Drive. Right-click the file, and from the drop-down menu, select 'Open with.' You will see an option to open the document with Google Docs. This method ensures your document transitions from being a static PDF to an editable document within the Google Docs environment.

  3. Formatting Checks: Post-conversion, it's imperative to check the document for any formatting issues. Complex layouts, unusual fonts (like Times New Roman), or PDFs that contain advanced features not supported by Google Docs may not convert cleanly. Double-check headers, footers, images, and text formatting to ensure your document remains in its original format.

  4. Converting Non-Text Elements: For content in PDF files that includes images or other non-text elements, there might be additional considerations. Conversions from image files may not be as straightforward, necessitating further steps for an accurate conversion. In these cases, using a tool with advanced features designed for these file formats is recommended.

  5. Save in Google Docs-Supported Format: After ensuring the document's content is accurate and intact, click on the 'File' option in the top-left corner of the Google Docs window. Select 'Save as Google Docs,' which will create a copy of the original file in the DOC file format, conducive for further editing and formatting in Google Docs.

  6. Review and Edit: Examine your converted files, paying close attention to intricate details like tables, font styles, and overall layout, ensuring they match the original file format. This step is crucial for maintaining the integrity of the original PDF while benefiting from the collaborative features of Google Docs.

  7. Export as Desired: If you need to take your Google Doc back into a PDF or even a CSV file, you can do so easily within Google Docs without losing the original formatting. This flexibility ensures that you're not locked into one file format post-conversion.

By following these simple steps, you ensure a seamless transition from PDF to Google Docs, facilitating an environment where collaboration and editing are far simpler and more efficient than was possible with your original PDF documents.

This method emphasizes maintaining the style and substance of your original work, even as it moves into a more versatile platform. 

Remember, while Google Drive and Google Docs are fantastic tools for these tasks, the conversion process's success often depends on the complexity of the PDFs and the tools, like PDF Reader Pro, that you utilize to maintain fidelity to the original format.

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How to Convert PDF to Google Doc: FAQ

In this section, we address some of the frequently asked questions about converting PDFs to editable Docs files.

This process can involve various aspects, from dealing with different file types to managing the output file's size and quality. Understanding these elements can significantly streamline your document management and editing experience.

Can I Convert Any PDF File Format to a Google Docs-Supported Word File?

While Google Docs supports the conversion of many PDF file types, the complexity of the original PDF file can affect the conversion's success. Simple text documents transfer most cleanly, while more complicated documents, such as those with multi-column layouts or numerous images, may not convert as accurately.

For a precise conversion of complex files, you might need specialized software like PDF Reader Pro.

Will the Converted Document Be Editable?

Yes, once you convert your PDF into a Google Doc, the document becomes fully editable.

However, it's essential to note that some formatting from the original PDF file may not transfer over perfectly, especially if the document includes intricate layouts, image file examples, or other advanced features. In these cases, some reformatting may be necessary within the document editor.

How Can I Manage Incoming PDF Files for Conversion?

Manage your incoming PDF files by organizing them within your Google Drive. You can create a specific folder for these files, making them easy to locate when you're ready to convert.

By doing this, you streamline the process of finding and converting your PDFs, and it simplifies the task of handling multiple document exchange formats.

What Happens If My PDF File Size Is Too Large?

If your PDF file size is substantial, you might encounter difficulties with upload times and conversion processes. Google Drive has a maximum file upload limit, and attempting to convert a large PDF can strain this limit.

To handle large files more effectively, you might consider using PDF Reader Pro, which can compress PDFs without compromising the document's quality before you import the file to Google Drive.

Can I Share the Converted File?

Absolutely. Google Docs excels in file sharing and collaboration. Once your document is converted, simply click on the 'Share' button, and you'll have options to 'Email this file,' share a link, or directly share the document with others through their email addresses.

This process enhances collaboration, especially for users needing to work on a document together in real-time.

What If My File Doesn’t Convert Correctly?

In some cases, particularly with incompatible files or highly graphical content, the conversion might not result in a perfect match with the original PDF file. This issue often arises with PDFs created from scanned documents or when the file includes elements not supported by Google Docs.

When facing such challenges, a more robust solution like PDF Reader Pro can offer advanced features that ensure a more accurate and faithful conversion.

By understanding these aspects of PDF conversion, you can navigate any potential issues and manage your documents more efficiently. Converting a PDF to an editable word document doesn't have to be complicated, and with the right tools at your disposal, it can significantly enhance your productivity.

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