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How to Edit a Word Document Online

Do you know how to edit a Word document online? Use these free online solutions to edit a Word document for your next assignment or work project.
How to Edit a Word Document Online

Microsoft Word is a staple document editor in many households worldwide. But what happens when you don't have a paid copy and need to edit an urgent assignment or work brief?


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Google Docs is our best solution for editing Word documents online. This straightforward online tool from Google is guaranteed to provide editing power equal to Word, all for free.

First, you will need to convert your Word file to Google Docs. 

How to Convert Word File to Google Docs

Check out our interactive tutorial below!

Now, let's break the demo above into individual steps.

Step 1: Open Google Docs

Under "Start a new document", click on the "Blank document" option with the colorful plus symbol. 

Google Docs home page showing

Image source: Google Docs

Step 2: Access the "Open" menu

Click "File" in the top left corner, then select "Open"

Google Docs tool showing
Image source: Google Docs

Step 3: Upload your Word file 

Under the "Open a file" menu, click on "Upload" and then "Browse." Then, select your Word file from your computer's documents.

Google Docs showing
Image source: Google Docs

Step 4: Wait for your Word document to convert

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Theodore Cipolla
B2B SaaS Content Marketer
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Step 5: Edit your new Google Doc document

Google Docs tool showing Word document converted to Google Docs document
Image source: Google Docs

Now that you have converted your Word document into a Google Doc, you can begin editing it!

How to Edit a Word Document on Google Docs

Check out our interactive tutorial below before you get started.

Let's look at some of the most useful editing features in Google Docs:

Undo (Ctrl+Z) Take back your last edit.
Redo (Ctrl+Y) Bring back your last edit.
Print (Ctrl+P) Print your current document.
Spelling and grammar check (Ctrl+Alt+X) Use Google Docs's spelling check tool.
Insert Link (Ctrl+K) Create anchor text or add links.
Add comment (Ctrl+Alt+M) Comment on document sections.

Did you find our guide helpful? You can download your Google Doc as a PDF and convert or edit it using the latest version of PDF Reader Pro for Mac or Windows below:

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Get Started with PDF Reader Pro Today!