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How to Export Illustrator as PDF

Learn to export Illustrator projects to PDF, ensuring high-quality document output that is suitable for various purposes.
How to Export Illustrator as PDF

Turning your Adobe Illustrator projects into PDFs makes sharing and printing your designs easy, keeping every detail right.

Let's see how you can smoothly convert your artwork to PDFs, ensuring they look great everywhere.

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How to Export Illustrator as PDF

Step 1: Online Tool

Find an Online Tool Converter such as CloudConvert and click on "Select File".

Image Source: CloudConvert

Step 2: to PDF

Make sure it says Convert to "PDF" and click on "Convert".

Image Source: CloudConvert

Step 3: Download

Once it is converted, click on "Download" to save it to your device.

Image Source: CloudConvert

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Learn the process of importing and exporting annotations in PDFs with our guide, streamlining your review and collaboration efforts.

How to Save Illustrator File (AI) as PDF

Step 1: File

Click on "File" and click on "Save As".

Image Source: Illustrator

Step 2: Save as PDF

Click on "Adobe PDF (*.PDF)" and click on "Save".

Image Source: Illustrator

Step 3: Final Save

Select your preferences and click on "Save As PDF".

Image Source: Illustrator

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Best Practices: Illustrator (AI) to PDF

  1. Maintain High Resolution: Choose high-resolution settings to keep graphics sharp, essential for print or detailed visuals.
  2. Correct Color Mode: For printing, use CMYK; for screens, RGB ensures colors display correctly.
  3. Embed Fonts: Embedding fonts prevents text display issues, ensuring your design looks as intended.
  4. Optimize File Size: Reduce file size for web or email, balancing quality and ease of sharing.
  5. Add Bleeds and Crop Marks: Include these for print projects to ensure clean edges and a professional finish.


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FAQ: Illustrator (AI) to PDF

Can I preserve layers when converting AI to PDF?

Yes, you can preserve layers by selecting the "Preserve Illustrator Editing Capabilities" option in the PDF save settings, though this may increase file size.

Will converting AI to PDF affect the quality of my design?

No, if you choose the correct settings. Opt for high-quality or press quality settings to maintain the integrity of your design.

How do I ensure my text and fonts display correctly in the PDF?

Embed all fonts when exporting. In the "Save Adobe PDF" options, under "Fonts," ensure all used fonts are included.

Is it possible to optimize a PDF for web viewing after exporting from Illustrator?

Yes, select "Smallest File Size" during the initial save, or adjust optimization settings in PDF Reader Pro for web-friendly viewing.

How do I include bleed and crop marks in my PDF?

In the "Marks and Bleeds" section of the "Save Adobe PDF" settings, check "Trim Marks" and specify your bleed settings to include bleed and crop marks.

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