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How to Fill in Bunco Score Sheets in PDF

Master the fun of Bunco by learning the quick and easy steps to accurately fill in score sheets and keep the game rolling smoothly.
How to Fill in Bunco Score Sheets in PDF

The Bunco game you know and love is made all the more fun and accessible by using digital Bunco score sheets. 

Of course, you'll need a way to write electronically on your digital Bunco score sheets. PDF Reader Pro provides an easy way to do so. 

First, click on this link and download your Bunco Score Sheet PDF! 

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How to Fill in a Score Sheet With Windows

Windows users, are you ready to get your Bunco game going? Check out our guide below!

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Step 1: Open PDF Reader Pro

In PDF Reader Pro, click on "Open Files".

Step 2: Select the Text tool

Click on "Tools" and select the "Text" tool. Now, you can fill in your Bunco Score Sheet cells. 

Step 3: Use the Text Editor

Click on your text. A block will appear, and you will see a panel on the right side of your screen.

Here, you can change the text settings to your preference:

  • Font: Change your font and font color, size, and orientation. 
  • Fill Color: Choose whether your text has a border or fill. Adjust the border's color, line width, and the fill color's opacity. 

Now you've got full control over your Bunco scoring!

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How to Fill in a Score Sheet With Mac

Mac users are also invited to use our Bunco scoring system. Check it out below!

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Step 1: 
Click on "Tools"

Step 2: Click on the "T" icon to use the text tool

Fill in your Bunco Score Sheet as needed. 

Step 3: Use the Freehand tool

Click on "Tools" and then the "Freehand" tool if you'd rather draw on your Bunco sheet. Use your mouse to click and draw where needed.

You are now ready to host your first Bunco night!

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How to Host the Best Bunco Night

Now that you know how to score your Bunco sheets properly, find out how we hosted the best Bunco night possible!

1. Be a Memorable Host

As with any games night, being a gracious and generous host is important. Make sure you find out what your guests need to have a good and successful night and ensure you supply your guests with plenty of drinks and snacks.

2. Provide Prizes

Playing for fun is never a bad idea, but having prizes on the table is an assured way to raise the stakes and excitement. You don't need to break the bank - the winnings can be as simple as snacks, candy, or cheap trinkets.

3. Make the Head Table Fun and Accessible

Bunco is a lot of fun, but the head table is the name of the game. However, try to make everyone's experience as fun as possible, regardless of their seating. 

4. Keep Tabs on Scores

It's important that you not only ensure your own scoring is accurate, but that of other players. As host, one of your prime responsibilities is to manage the correct playing of the game, and help those who might have slipped up. 

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