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How to Highlight in Foxit

Learn to highlight in Foxit with our comprehensive guide, covering everything from basic text highlights to advanced techniques for non-selectable content.
How to Highlight in Foxit

Highlighting text allows users to easily identify important information and make it stand out in a document.

This can be particularly useful when reading lengthy articles, research papers, or study materials, as it helps users quickly locate and review key points.

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Using the Standard Highlight Function

Foxit Reader offers a standard highlight function for users of PDF files to emphasize or reference text within a document. Follow these simple steps:


Step 1: Activate Highlight Function

Click the Highlight button in the toolbar or select "Highlight" from the Annotate menu.

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Step 2: Highlight Text

Click and drag over the text you want to highlight.

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Step 3: Complete the Highlight

The selected text appears with a colored background, typically yellow, but you can change it to suit your preference.


Deleting Highlights from a Document

If you need to remove highlights from a PDF document, Foxit PDF Editor/Reader for Windows desktop makes it simple. Here's how:


Step 1: Open Foxit PDF Editor/Reader

Click on "View" and then "Comments" to open the Comments panel editing options.


Step 2: Select Highlights

In the Comments panel, choose the "Highlight" comment type, then click and drag to select the highlights you want to delete.

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Step 3: Access Properties

  • Right-click on the selected highlights and choose "Properties" for colorful tools. Change the color options in the Properties dialog box to match the background, or select "No Color" from the color palette.

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Step 4: Apply Changes

Click "OK" to remove the highlights from the PDF document.

What to Do When the Text is Non-Selectable

Highlighting non-selectable text in Foxit, such as text in scanned documents or images, involves a few steps since the software recognizes this type of content as an image rather than text. Here’s how to approach it:

  1. Use the Comment Tool: Foxit offers various comment tools that can be used to highlight non-selectable text.
  2. OCR Feature: For a more text-selectable approach, use Foxit's OCR (Optical Character Recognition) feature. This feature converts the image-based text into selectable text, allowing you to highlight it as you would with normal PDF text.
  3. Drawing Tools: Another method is using drawing tools (like rectangles or lines) to manually underline or encircle the text you wish to highlight. While not a traditional highlight, this method draws attention to the specific text visually.
  4. Note Annotations: You can also add annotations close to the non-selectable text to comment on or highlight its importance. This doesn't change the visual appearance of the text itself but allows you to point out specific sections effectively.
  5. Saving Your Annotations: Ensure that you save your annotations correctly after you've highlighted your document. In Foxit, go to "File" > "Save As" to ensure that all your markings are preserved in the new version of the document.


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Highlighting in Foxit: FAQs

Can I change the color of the highlighted text?

Yes, you can change the highlight color in Foxit Reader. Right-click on the highlighted text, select "Properties," and choose the desired color from the "Color" dropdown menu.

Is it possible to remove all highlights in a document at once in Foxit Reader?

Yes, to remove all highlights in a document simultaneously, go to the "Comment" tab, click on "Summarize Comments," and choose "Delete All Highlight" in the pop-up window.

Are highlights visible when I open the PDF in another viewer?

Yes, highlights made in Foxit are saved within the PDF and will be visible in other PDF viewers that support annotations.

Can I add notes to my highlights?

Yes, after highlighting text, right-click on the highlight and select "Open Popup Note" to add additional comments or notes related to that highlight.

Can I customize the default settings for the Highlight Tool in Foxit?

Yes, you can customize the default settings for the Highlight Tool by selecting the tool, right-clicking on any highlighted text, choosing "Tool Default Properties," and then adjusting the color, opacity, and other settings to your preference. These settings will be applied to future highlights you make in any document.

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