Top 10 Foxit Alternatives

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Exploring the top 10 Foxit alternatives for PDF management reveals a range of options, each offering unique features and capabilities.
Top 10 Foxit Alternatives

Managing and editing PDF documents are integral to both professional and personal tasks; finding the right PDF reader that combines efficiency, an intuitive interface, and the ability to handle diverse file sizes is crucial.

Foxit has been a staple in this area, offering robust features for PDF file handling. However, the dynamic world of online tools has ushered in a variety of alternatives, each offering unique capabilities for PDF document management.

This guide delves into the top 10 alternatives to Foxit, highlighting their distinct functionalities, from handling extensive file sizes with ease to providing user-friendly interfaces.


Quick Comparison Table

PDF Tool

Overall Rating

Key Feature

PDF Reader Pro 5.0 Intuitive PDF Editing
Kdan PDF Reader 5.0 Friendly User-Interface
Adobe Acrobat 4.7 Industry Standard
Nitro Pro 4.7 Speedy Conversion Tools
PDF-XChange Editor 4.6 Simple Interface
PDFescape 4.1 Online PDF Editor
Sumatra PDF 4.2 Minimalist Design
Soda PDF 3.0 3D Viewing
Skim 4.6 Academic Focus
PDFelement 4.0 Versatile Functionality

Top 10 Foxit Alternatives

Whether you're looking to switch from Foxit or just browsing for more PDF tools, this guide will cover all you need to know for each ranking tool!

1. PDF Reader Pro

Image Source: PDF Reader Pro

PDF Reader Pro is a comprehensive tool designed for a wide range of PDF-related tasks. It excels in offering a complete suite of features, from basic reading and viewing to advanced editing and annotation.

The software is ideal for professionals who need to manipulate PDF documents regularly, offering functionalities like text editing, image insertion, and form filling. It's also suitable for students and academics for its note-taking and markup capabilities, making it versatile for both professional and educational environments.

Standout Features

  • Advanced Editing Tools: Enables users to edit text, images, and even the layout of PDF documents.

  • Annotation and Markup: Comprehensive set of annotation tools for highlighting, noting, and drawing.

  • Form Creation and Filling: Allows for the creation of interactive forms and the ability to fill them out digitally.

Our Experience

We found PDF Reader Pro exceptionally versatile and user-friendly. Its editing capabilities are robust, allowing us to modify PDFs extensively without compromising their original quality. The annotation tools were particularly useful for collaborative reviews. The fillable form feature streamlined our data collection processes, proving to be a valuable asset in our toolkit.

PDF Reader Pro truly stands out from all other PDF editor tools with its powerful features and quick, simple conversations! We prefer PDF Reader Pro over all other PDF editor tools. Enhance your PDF editing experience by downloading PDF Reader Pro for free.

2. Kdan PDF Reader

Image Source: Kdan PDF Reader

Kdan PDF Reader is a dynamic tool primarily focused on enhancing the reading and annotation experience of PDF files. It is widely used for its ease in viewing PDFs, making annotations, and organizing documents. The app is particularly favored by users who often read on the go, as it offers a seamless mobile experience, making it easy to access and annotate PDFs from smartphones and tablets.

Standout Features

  • Mobile Compatibility: Exceptionally well-optimized for mobile devices.

  • Document Management: Efficient organization and management of PDF files.

  • Easy Annotation: User-friendly tools for marking up and annotating PDFs.

Our Experience

When using Kdan PDF Reader, the desktop experience stood out. Its interface on desktops, smartphones, and tablets was intuitive, providing a smooth reading and annotation process. However, compared to PDF Reader Pro's PDF tools and viewer, it lacks. We prefer PDF Reader Pro for its wide range of features.

3. Adobe Acrobat

Image Source: Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat is one of the most well-known names in the PDF industry, offering a broad range of features for creating, editing, and managing PDF files. It's extensively used in professional settings for its reliable PDF conversion and editing capabilities. The software also includes features for collaborative work, such as commenting and real-time sharing, making it a staple in many business environments.

Standout Features

  • Reliable PDF Conversion: Converts various file formats to and from PDF with high accuracy.

  • Professional Editing: High-level editing tools for professional document handling.

  • Collaborative Tools: Facilitates team collaboration with commenting and sharing features.


Our Experience

Our experience with Adobe Acrobat has been largely positive, particularly in its conversion and editing capabilities. It reliably handled various file formats, maintaining layout and formatting integrity. However, PDF Reader Pro's advanced PDF functionalities won us over, especially its effortless conversation process.

4. Nitro Pro

Image Source: Nitro Pro

Nitro Pro offers a blend of features for both individual and business use, focusing on document conversion, editing, and e-signing. It’s particularly useful for businesses looking to digitize their paperwork and streamline document workflows.

Standout Features

  • High-Speed Conversions: Converts documents to and from PDF swiftly.

  • E-Signature Integration: Streamlines the process of signing documents digitally.

  • Document Collaboration: Enables efficient sharing and collaboration on documents.

Our Experience

Using Nitro Pro, we appreciated its fast conversion speeds, which made document handling more efficient. The e-signature feature significantly simplified the process of signing documents, and the collaboration tools were effective for team-based work. Yet, for us, we find PDF Reader Pro to be a PDF powerhouse of tools. Making editing and many more features painless and fast.

5. PDF-XChange Editor

Image Source: PDF-XChange Editor

PDF-XChange Editor is a lightweight yet powerful PDF tool known for its speed in PDF editing and annotation, making it ideal for users needing quick modifications and note-taking on PDF documents.

Standout Features

  • Speed and Efficiency: Quick loading times and responsive editing.

  • Comprehensive Annotation Tools: Wide range of annotation options.

  • Customizable Interface: Allows users to tailor the toolbars and settings.

Our Experience

Our experience with PDF-XChange Editor was marked by its speedy performance. The comprehensive annotation tools were beneficial for detailed note-taking. PDF Reader Pro has impressed us with its intuitive interface and suite of tools, enhancing all our PDF needs.

6. PDFescape

Image Source: PDFescape

PDFescape is an accessible online PDF tool that offers basic editing, form filling, and annotation. It’s ideal for users who prefer an online tool for quick PDF modifications without the need for software installation.

Standout Features

  • Web-Based Accessibility: No need for software installation.

  • Basic PDF Suite Tools: Sufficient for simple PDF edits and modifications.

  • Form Filler Feature: Convenient for filling out PDF forms online.

Our Experience

With PDFescape, the web-based access was a standout feature, providing convenience for quick edits. PDF Reader Pro has extensive editing tools, elevating all your PDF requirements.

7. Sumatra PDF

Image Source: Sumatra PDF

Sumatra PDF is known for its minimalist design, focusing primarily on PDF viewing. It’s a great choice for users who need a simple, no-frills tool for reading PDFs.

Standout Features

  • Lightweight Design: Minimal impact on system resources.

  • Fast Reading Experience: Quick loading of PDF documents.

  • Simple Interface: User-friendly and easy to navigate.

Our Experience

Our interaction with Sumatra PDF was positive, especially appreciating its lightweight design, which ensured fast and efficient PDF reading. PDF Reader has a simple yet powerful interface. It is an advanced PDF editor and allows for many file-type conversations in less than a minute.

8. Soda PDF

Image Source: Soda PDF

Soda PDF stands out for its unique 3D viewing mode and robust document conversion features. It's suitable for users who want to view and convert PDFs in a more dynamic and visually appealing way.

Standout Features

  • 3D PDF Viewer Mode: Offers a unique way to read PDFs.

  • Strong Conversion Tools: Converts PDFs to various formats effectively.

  • Document Security Features: Includes tools for securing PDF documents.

Our Experience

In our usage of Soda PDF, the 3D viewing mode added a novel touch to PDF reading. The conversion tools were reliable and efficient, and the added document security features provided peace of mind when handling sensitive information. PDF Reader Pro allows for document editing with advanced security and PDF creation capability.

9. Skim

Image Source: Skim

Skim is a PDF tool tailored for Mac users, focusing on annotation, particularly for academic and research purposes. It’s excellent for students and researchers who need to annotate and review extensive documents.

Standout Features

  • Specialized for Academics: Tailored annotation tools for research.

  • Integration with Mac OS: Seamless operation on Mac systems.

  • Note-Taking Capabilities: Enhanced features for comprehensive note-taking.

Our Experience

Our use of Skim was particularly beneficial in academic settings. Its specialized annotation tools were apt for in-depth research work. PDF Reader Pro integrates easily with both Windows and Mac devices. Out of all the major platforms, we prefer PDF Reader Pro to handle all our PDF needs.

10. PDFelement

Image Source: PDFelement

PDFelement is recognized for its well-rounded functionality, offering a smooth user experience with comprehensive editing tools. It's a great all-rounder for personal and professional PDF management.

Standout Features

  • Intuitive Editing Interface: Easy to use for all levels of users.

  • Wide Range of Editing Tools: Versatile tools for comprehensive PDF editing.

  • Document Conversion and OCR: Efficient in converting and recognizing text in documents.

Our Experience

Using PDFelement, we were impressed by its intuitive editing interface, which made it easy to perform complex edits. The range of tools provided versatility in our document management, and the OCR feature was particularly useful for digitizing paper documents. PDF Reader Pro has equipped us with more advanced features than any other PDF editor and reader platform, making it the best choice to enhance all your PDF content.

Foxit vs. PDF Reader Pro: Quick Comparison


Foxit PDF Reader

PDF Reader Pro

Editing Capabilities

Comprehensive editing tools Advanced editing with a more intuitive interface

User Interface

Standard, functional interface Highly intuitive and user-friendly interface

Annotation Tools

Full suite of annotation options Extensive, easy-to-use annotation tools

Form Fillings & Creation

Basic form filling and creation Advanced form creation and filling capabilities

File Conversation

Supports multiple file formats Powerful All-In-One Converter features with more format options


This table provides a quick comparison between Foxit and PDF Reader Pro, highlighting the areas where PDF Reader Pro stands out, especially in terms of its intuitive interface, advanced form capabilities, and powerful conversation options, hence why we choose PDF Reader Pro to handle all our PDF needs. Our favorite of all the popular PDF readers is PDF Reader Pro due to its key features.

Top 10 Foxit Alternatives: Each Key Features

Here, we highlight each tool's key features and PDF technologies:

  1. PDF Reader Pro: Advanced editing capabilities with an intuitive interface.

  2. Kdan PDF Reader: Exceptional mobile compatibility for on-the-go PDF management.

  3. Adobe Acrobat: Industry-standard tool with robust features for professional use.

  4. Nitro Pro: Fast and reliable document conversion to and from PDF.

  5. PDF-XChange Editor: Lightweight and fast, ideal for quick PDF editing and annotation.

  6. PDFescape: Convenient web-based access for easy online editing and PDF form filling.

  7. Sumatra PDF: Minimalist and lightweight design, perfect for straightforward PDF viewing.

  8. Soda PDF: Unique 3D viewing mode for an immersive reading experience.

  9. Skim: Tailored for academic use, especially for extensive document editing.

  10. PDFelement: Offers a well-rounded set of features with an intuitive user experience.

Top 10 Foxit Alternatives: Best Practices

When navigating the wide range of features offered by the top 10 Foxit alternatives, it's important to focus on key aspects that enhance your PDF experience:

  1. Utilize Advanced Features: Leverage advanced features like digital signatures and electronic signatures, especially when dealing with legal or official documents.

  2. Integrate with Cloud Services: Look for integration capabilities with services like Google Drive and Google Workspace for easy access and management of PDFs.

  3. Prioritize Intuitive Interfaces: An intuitive PDF editing interface can significantly streamline the management of PDFs, making complex tasks more manageable.

  4. Explore PDF Editor Capabilities: Delve into each tool's PDF editor features, from simple document editing to more complex functionalities like PDF split and PDF content management.

  5. Leverage Markup Tools: Utilize markup tools for educational documents, annotations, and collaborative reviews, especially in software solutions like PDF Studio or Drawboard PDF.

  6. Embrace Conversion Tools: Make use of powerful PDF tools that offer document conversion, including specialized functions like OCR to add text and convert image file types.

  7. Optimize for Personal and Professional Use: Whether it’s for personal tasks or creating expense reports for business, choose a PDF solution that aligns with your document goal and offers a complete solution.

  8. Ensure Secure Management: Look for PDF tools with robust features like 256-bit AES encryption to protect against unauthorized access, ensuring the security of digital documents.

  9. Customize Viewer Settings: Adjust the viewer settings like dark themes for a comfortable reading experience, especially when dealing with long scientific papers or PDF booklets.

  10. Batch Processing for Efficiency: For handling PDFs in batch, choose a tool that simplifies this process, saving time and effort in managing multiple documents simultaneously.

Top 10 Foxit Alternatives: FAQ

Can these alternatives handle complex PDF table data while keeping table styles intact?

Yes, most of these alternatives are equipped to handle complex PDF table data, ensuring the original table styles and formatting remain intact.

Do any of these tools offer features like sticky notes and audio notes for PDFs?

Several tools in the top 10 list provide advanced annotation features, including sticky notes and audio notes, enhancing the user's ability to interact with PDFs.

How easy is it to use a pen tool in these PDF alternatives?

Many of these alternatives offer an 'ease of pen' feature, making it simple and intuitive to use a stylus or pen for annotations and drawings in PDF documents.

Can I split PDFs with ease using these tools?

Yes, most of these top 10 alternatives offer a straightforward PDF split feature, allowing users to easily divide large PDF documents into smaller sections.

Do any of these alternatives specialize in accurate measurements of elements within PDFs?

Tools like Drawboard PDF and PDF Extra are known for their capabilities in providing accurate measurements of elements in PDFs, useful in technical and design documents.

Are there options for dark themes and custom viewing experiences for reading PDFs?

Several alternatives offer customizable viewing experiences, including dark themes, which are easier on the eyes and ideal for reading PDF booklets or lengthy documents.

How well do these alternatives handle the creation of business documents like expense reports?

Most of these tools are well-suited for creating and managing business documents, such as expense reports, with features that help in organizing and presenting data efficiently for an informed decision-making process.

Finding The Right PDF Tool

Navigating the myriad of PDF software options reveals a range of functionalities, from intuitive editing to robust document management. Among these, PDF Reader Pro stands out as our preferred choice, especially when dealing with awkward PDF software. It excels in processing PDFs in batches, creating interactive forms, and offering a complete solution for managing portable documents securely.

Its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features like markup tools, form fillers, and enterprise security make it an ideal tool for both simple document viewing and complex content creation, including scientific papers. This balance of functionality, security, and editing capability, including OCR and advanced file type conversion, positions PDF Reader Pro as a versatile and efficient choice for PDF management.

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